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Two kidney, the gate of vitality reachs his too extremely experienced law [Lu Ho
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Origin:  of carbylamine of bell of an old name for Japan?
Experienced shadowboxing of be used to, it is body of practice of all of an inside and outside, mind double repaired athletic sports. So, weigh those who want viscera kidney and the gate of vitality to take exercise to human body, more and more get the attention of people. The article discusses some of shallow view of the individual at this point, aim to undertake communicating with reader friend.
The position of kidney and the gate of vitality
We know, the kidney of human body is located in both sides of lumbar of celiac rear wall, control each one. In light of the point of view that learns from Western medicine, . Main function of the kidney is to form uric fluid, the final result of process of the metabolization inside body of eduction of so as to namely the trash inside body. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns says W kidney ” . It is concept of a combination, it is a system that gives priority to body with the kidney. In the nephritic noumenon that says besides anatomy place, the above that it is superintend and director of a few kinds of views lie identically at, they think the gate of vitality is a materiality is qualitative, the position is firm, content can be searched. In addition, have another views additionally, also be people place to take seriously, that is the take offense between … kidney says ” . This says to think: “ the gate of vitality is the Sun Yikui of Ming Dynasty of take offense ”(among two kidney " cure aim mood beyond " ) , it is human body is started angrily formerly, generate. This and " difficult classics " 12 passages through which vital energy circulates of says “ person, what all be fastened at getting angry is former. Of alleged life former person, call the take offense between kidney also ” is photograph be identical. The place of ” of the take offense between this “ kidney, it is the seat of method of result of the pubic region that repair refine. Work the daily life of a family says “ . Kidney enrages plentiful, its enrage ” of strong superintend and director, when the pubic region after true energy of life is full and rich, outside the acupuncture point of the gate of vitality that passes the 2nd lumbar, it still includes kidney to predict the endocrine organization such as gland, sexual gland and genital of secrete make water official; And, medicine is returned in human body a very important place —— the gate of vitality, with kidney connection is together. So, kidney and the gate of vitality often are placed on a par by people.
About the position of the gate of vitality, all through the ages has a variety of views. Ming Dynasty Zhao Xian can think, “ the gate of vitality is in person, add spinal ” to hilum, in “ two kidney each inch five ”(" cure as string of 1000 cash " ) . Another kind of view, it is to will kidney regards a life as ¨ . Ancient codes and records of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine " difficult classics " say: “ kidney is both, blame all kidney also, its are left person for kidney, right person for the gate of vitality. ” has cure home to emphasize the consistency of two kidney and function of manage of the gate of vitality further more, think they all are “ true Yuan Zhigen this ” , reason advocates “ two kidney total number is wrestle of anxiety of Ming Dynasty of ”(of the gate of vitality " medicine is being passed " ) . Still have a kind of view, be together the gate of vitality and connection of the pubic region, think the gate of vitality is the pubic region. Ming Dynasty Zhang Jingyue says: “ person at the beginning of unripe, unripe by umbilical cord, hilum accepts the pubic region. It is the sea that it is gas, namely the gate of vitality also. ” the pubic region hides the part of be impregnated of the place of essence of life, woman for the man, person herein acquires life and be born, the door ” that call its “ life is reasonable also. Experienced shadowboxing of daily be used to, fist of be used to person when talking about behavioral essentials, often also say ” of “ the gate of vitality is like how about why, but the acupuncture point of the gate of vitality that this often is the waist after pointing to human body, this acupuncture point is located in thorn of the 2nd lumbar dash forward next hollow that move up along arteries and veins of superintend and director, acupuncture point of the gate of vitality became ” of the take offense between “ kidney this force loses the family status that note. This process matters to method of meritorious service of weeks of small weather, so the take offense between “ kidney says ” more result home and boxing home place are approbated.
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