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What should notice when pulling ligament?
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A lot of people realize the gain that exercises ligament now, begin to take exercise in succession, but if take exercise the method is unscientific, can cause harm to the body instead, so exercise ligament what to problem should note? Our newspaper reporter was taking doubt to interview capital sports institute to move is Pan Professor Long Gen.
Professor Pan says, different age paragraph the note that exercises ligament each are not identical.
In youth: Although in young ligament flexibility is better, but exercising ligament also is very those who be necessary. When the youth is exercising ligament in, must notice to prepare activity, do not drill too quickly. Answer before winter takes exercise especially mobile activity limb. If take exercise before not warm up, cause muscle, ligament easily to pull injury or sprain.
Senile: The person arrives middleaged later, grow as the age, the meeting such as the articulatory bursa of join bone and bone, ligament, tendon produces metamorphic, ageing gradually, flexibility can become worse and worse. Senile flexibility takes exercise in should notice, want successive, not too exert all one's strength, the muscle ligament that is pulled to pull has slight and unwell feeling can, cannot be eager to hope for success. Screen does not want to live when 2 extend breath, can use extend ——— to loosen ——— again the method of extend.
How does the introduction practice pulling ligament below. Practicing optimal time is before night sleeps. Above all ready-made activity, from the basiccest press a leg to begin, cent fast press gentle pressing. Delay approachs the time that uses 339 seconds every time, pull extensor flesh gently, feel slight ache can, fast press even if press a leg quickly, close namely sorely. If when take exercise the hand is less than target area quite, not loath, can add cord to assist an exercise.
Ligament of side type drawing: With cord ring left leg, both hands tug lives cord, will left leg to pull on the right side of the body, at the same time the upper part of the body and coxal rightward tilt slightly, till the feeling left leg pliable but strong contains acerbity keenly feel, stop drawing and do deep breathing twice, restore to be initial action slowly next. Double leg rotate makes this groups of motions 12 times.
Sit type drawing ligament: Prothorax draws close to knee, knee does not bend. Ligament of sensory leg ministry and hind the back has acerbity keenly feel, stop drawing and make deep breathing twice, restore to be initial action slowly. Repeat an act 12 times.
Horizontal drawing ligament: Pull slowly stretch tight straight left leg, knee does not bend, hip and ham muscle take up, drawing stops after showing right angle till ham and body, do deep breathing twice, restore to be initial action slowly.
Ligament is pulled open completely need 10—15 at least minute flexibility practices, everyday at least one. This kind of means also is a kind of after intense campaign very good relaxation. Muscle also can practice as a result of these simple drawing and become richer and stretch. Withy exercise must learn gentleness, pull extremely easily otherwise.
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