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Close to often say extremely too [Chen Wei bright]
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Father says to often be not had desire in order to watch its clever. Often have be about to watch its Jiao with its. To it sticky along with. Those who watch its to change is clever. Suddenly machine hair. It is to call watch its Jiao.
Father says have without unripe. Around photograph is followed. It is to call different heavy different theory. Right heavy right distant and out of sight. Grow what enter more. Retreat close to more.
Father says between heaven and earth. Yue of its You Tuo. Empty and castiron. Move and go out more. Reason too extremely cannot. Moving is a law namely.
Father says to be like continuously put. Those who use is not diligent. Be like the person that put continuously. Spirit originallies inside. Those who use is not diligent person. Show outside easy and comfortable.
After father says its body and personally first. Outside its body and put personally. Hind its body and personally first person. Those is not moved oneself do not move. Those jiggle oneself move first also. Outside its body and the person that put personally. By personal criterion sluggish. Live from the person also.
Father says on be apt to is like water. Occupy ground of be apt to. Deep of heart be apt to. Thing kind can. When using kind. Husband alone is not contended for. Reason is not had blame. The person that occupy ground of be apt to. Get machine get the upper hand. Deep of heart be apt to person. Collect enrages collect god. Thing kind can person. Along with turn along with receive. When using kind person. Not hind not first. Too extremely inapproachable. Alone does not argue side.
Father says hold in the arms one. Can not have leave. Enrage only send soft. Can baby. It is to call extremely soft and to firm. 10 thousand laws and return one.
Father says Qu Zequan. Crooked is straight. It is to call beg in music straight. Harbour is sent after that.
Father says what be about to inhale. Originally surely Zhang Zhi. what be about to lose. Originally surely strong. what be about to seize. Originally surely to it. It is to call small bright. Too extremely sticky continuous along with. Do not fight to it. Those piece I inhale. The other party is strong I am weak. Those is seized I and. Next can piece. Can strong. Can seize.
Father says the person that turn over move. Reason has go up to have surely below. After before having, having surely. Have Zun Biyou right.
Father says of the world to soft. Gallop of the world to firm. Without have at very close to each other. Say to be not contended for again and be apt to is gotten the better of. Not call together and self-invited. It is to call introduce come to nothing. 39 unplug a thousand pieces of gold also.

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