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Those who what is meant by shadowboxing " 4 laws " " 4 result " ?
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The 4 laws of “ of shadowboxing ” is ” of “ hand, eye, body, pace; 4 result of “ ” is “ heart, god, meaning, read aloud ” . 4 laws, from the word justice go up to understand even if drill hand, skilled eye, experienced body, experienced pace. 4 result from the word justice go up more incomprehensible, because of “ heart, god, meaning, read aloud ” , what point to almost completely is underlying nerve activity or mentation.
The tradition is right 4 result of “ of ” talking a way is “ hair at the heart, amount to at god, travel at the meaning, Yu Nian ” that want.
“ sends at heart ” it is the fist that explain practice when, everything is started in “ heart ” , ” of calm of reason requirement “ . “ heart is not static a meaning not only ” , when experienced fist not “ is engraved engrave in heart ” , criterion the form of inside and outside and gas are used up all messy.
“ amounts to at divine ” , show spirit wants be connected in meaning or feeling. Spirit mentions a light spirit of nature of act of the whole body. Reason has in traditional theory: “ spirit can be carried, do not have the Lv ” that weighs behindhand, spirit originallies inside “ , easy and comfortable ” shows outside say.
“ goes at meaning ” , it is to say to drill the fist wants with meaning move, intention does not exert oneself to do sth. . Namely so called “ with meaning conductor, guide with body gas, in order to enrage carry body ” . Can such, can enrage the whole body naturally, achieve inside raised goal.
The Yu Nian ” that “ thinks, basically interpret the meaning that ” of “ bear in mind constantly should accomplish when experienced fist. Enrol one type to engrave quarter take care, can drill “ facilitates naturally from ” of heart ” , “ complete stretch.
Anyhow, 4 laws are limb of the practice outside pointing to of 100 body, 4 result are to point to inside raise essence of life, gas, spirit. Experienced too the fist should accomplish inside and outside namely and repair, divine body holds concurrently heavy.

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