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"Enrage heavy the pubic region " justice of essence of life is solved [Ma Guoxin
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Chinese boxing of the tradition that build practice studies the way that defend everybody knows: “ enrages a pithy formula of ” of body of embellish of heart of heavy the pubic region. Also know “ raises gas to forget character is defended, fall the heart is the truth that is not ” . The refine essence that enrages heavy the pubic region namely spends energy of life, it is to accumulate inside gas, in order to become inside strong kongfu. Next refine aerification god, in order to make inside interest has “ god to come in order to know, wisdom in order to hide toward the function of ” . Such, gas, appearance matchs syncretic inside, can Rou Huagang is sent, with Rou Yonggang's technics, carry out at relatively ability is attacked in preventing. This is the common common sense that build practice.
Like that why the person that some trims experienced traditional Chinese boxing to study the way that defend, method of result of exercise to benefit the internal organs is very good, interest builds practice inside also very essence of life is simple, but start work relatively ability appears the asthma of gas surplus wheezingly phenomenon, very person is asthma full more than? Is this why? What reason is caused?
Original, it is not to know to apply inside angry method causes. That is to say, the essence that “ enrages ” of heavy the pubic region justice, cent is experienced, used method, essence of refine of heavy the pubic region can be enraged to spend energy of life when acrobatics, accumulate inside gas, form inside strong. Be in like that relatively when ability inside gas cent is used for two kinds, the spirit inside one part moves in the whole body, match with the appearance and use into what study the situation that prevent a fist. One part is put stay to be in alvine the pubic region and not be in move to it. And put those who stay in alvine the pubic region inside gas, time is good person but glomerate picture exists, no matter attack,prevent relatively how ability is intense nervous, put in the pubic region save the energy of life inside the move, won't produce asthma full. This also do not affect its the spirit inside another part moves to study the situation that prevent a fist in order to become in the whole body. And put the gas inside this part that take to be able to make oneself pine composed again be good at, step by step rooted and move become light acute nimble. I say so, the person that the likelihood has fist of some of be used to considers as myself fabricate, tell in earnest, it is me really personal in experienced, diligent husband experience arrives. Through the real results of old practice, be in really intense relatively ability is attacked in defending a process, do not appear pant wheezingly phenomenon. And the condition of idle of the compose oneself that show spirit. But borrow me in my child accidentally " Zhang bunt fist " in chart, in seeing “ enrages a law to point to the formulas put into verse that wants ” clearly, spoke of this side issue. Record this formulas put into verse to be as follows now: Mouth of lock mandibular joint not leaves, the mouth opens gas leak force why to come. Beard cent puts gas to often fill a stomach, bones and muscles of be well versed in is strong the human body.
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