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Shadow boxing, the teacher always says to be not moved!
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Remember student first time asking Li Hong to amount to a teacher to give advice or comments, mr. Li says “ comes! Hit a frame to look. ” then I hold a ball in the arms with respect to one fourth pace, 2 bend pace divides a palm. Hit Yang Shi 24 type most the bronco of the highroad divides hair on the neck of a pig. Did not think my Gong Bu divides a palm, the person had be notted move, the palm had be notted divide, will move in this during was not being moved, mr. Li makes stop, “ shoulder does not want to move! ” is counted so, I have the student at that time some of Yun Li in mist, I had not dispatched, how to call my shoulder to be not moved?

The shoulder grows to go up in the body, the body altered humeral nature is moved. Live daily at ordinary times in us in, the thing was weighed carry do not move, the shoulder is being helped carry. Cap is not twisted closely, brawn increases ancon power not quite, ancon force increases humeral power not quite. When effort of our exert whole body, that shoulder force always is brunt.

And the be used to of shadowboxing is experienced, especially inside strong be used to is experienced, having a lot of places is as different as the habit in living at ordinary times however, the student's peripheral understanding teachers ask our shoulder does not want those who point to to move at ordinary times is: —— of humeral even wire is relatively vertebral cannot circle turn (namely the waist does not turn the shoulder turns) , opposite cervical vertebra of —— of humeral even wire should be perpendicular from beginning to end, opposite ground of —— of humeral even wire should be parallel from beginning to end; Heavy shoulder, accomplish a shoulder not to hang force; No matter brachial pass in and out, the shoulder does not have move meaning. Boxing manage has successively perforative theory, we are very much when moment understanding gives an arm, the shoulder urges ancon ancon to urge wrist, but what the student prefers is: Root section is urged, in savings, a bit the section is brought. arm of this section while you're at it, the student considers is big arm carry spirit and not be humeral bone.

At ordinary times the place that we compare easy neglect in shadow boxing process is very a lot of more, but what should understanding only is the shoulder is not moved, accomplishing heavy shoulder to drop really ancon, so, a lot of can be corrected slowly by unwary place at ordinary times.

The shoulder does not want to move, shadow boxing, the shoulder is not frivolous, the interest inside Chan letting Chan opens the first gate of the body to flow along big arm trickling sluggishly!

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