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Chen 74 type and the cause and effect of 83 type shadowboxing
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Since period of time, a few people constant Chenshi in shadowboxing big (also say to often be worn) 74 type say with 83 type is two irrelevant fists, cause a lot of abecedarian confused, actually this is not to understand its Central Plains completely by misunderstanding.

Chen Shi is big one, 2 since Chen Changxing Chen Gengyun of all previous classics, chen Yanxi, when to its great-grandson Chen Fake already was experienced more than 100 years, what when Chengong comes to Beijing at the beginning of hair division, teach is 74 type. Its are inchoate child: Brother's son Chen Zhaopi, child Chen Zhaoxu, yang Yichen, hong Junsheng all review this, mr. Hong Junsheng is in ” of practical fist law has “ Chenshi shadowboxing in one book account.

Chen Gongfa division is in long the step up in education 3 posture namely:  of strange Guo of cellar of twinkling of  badge exhausted  believes otter 4 Si  all apricot of  of Su  at present is planted type of? of Wei Tongshan of thoroughfaring hurry the Huaihe River. Additional, the back is folded lean with Shuang Zhen the foot has an action and not only kind becomes form. In ” of 63 years of “ Chenshi shadowboxing (Shen Jiazhen, gu Liu Qing is written) when one book is published all only kind becomes form. Former 74 type King Kong pounds awl to be namely receive form. 63 version increase again receive form, because this 74 type evolve,be 83 type.

No matter be 74 type,still be 83 type actually it is Chen Gongfa division place is passed. Of Chen Gongfa division in terminal child reviews 83 type are like Lei Mumin more, li Jingwu, tian Xiuchen, the teacher such as Feng Zhijiang. Mr. Tian Xiuchen is till 1978 when kinescope of Beijing sports university, 3 changed a palm to be hit only change a strike with the palm of the hand, this mirrorred metaphase child the trace in transfer. 3 change a strike with the palm of the hand, degenerative press ancon, in dish 3 type are Chen Gongfa division the important contribution to Chenshi shadowboxing, it is the experience summary that has intention of intense the art of attack and defense in wushu. It is more rich old type shadowboxing, push old type shadowboxing to taller state.

A few people cut apart the history, they say to often wear 74 type only is the inheritance sequence of thought that Chen Changxing passes and does not carry it, more action mixes the history that does not raise Chen Gongfa family to arrive from 74 type of 83 type evolve into a process. Forget one's own origins seem deceased 150 at year Chen Changxing passes the fist to them directly like. What will show its fist with this is old. Enlarge some of vivosphere to oneself. But live cannot forget ancestor. Only actually esteem history respects tradition and forefathers, the standard with nicer gift and transmission Chenshi shadowboxing.

The “ Chenshi shadowboxing that Mr. Chen Zhaopi writes in its collects a ” write in the author's preface of one book: Chinese boxing of “ Yu Shaoxi, peep portal a bit, heir is in business with travelling faraway. Did not get only pure grind experienced, civilian 10 return in, the course of study before answer add. Jing Yanxi is fair, article 3 fair, blessing gives birth to Ji Shu to indicate, enter somewhat condition, ” of ashamed bright result. From inside this paragraph of character we can know to illuminate big division is main from learn Yu Yanxi fair, article 3 fair, blessing gives birth to Ji Shu. But the author thinks what its learn Chen Shi to wear more profit from blessing to give birth to Ji Shu greatly, namely Chen Gongfa division. Its reason is as follows: Yan Xi is fair namely Chen Yanxi, chengong sends the father of the division, according to big the grandfather's younger brother of division. Mr. Hong Junsheng says in its memoir: “ my division (namely Chen Gongfa division) from character. I have two elder brother. When the youth because plague is popular, die early or late, I am born after father is sexagenarian. ” from this knowable, yan Xi is born in 1827. Its birthday is 81 years old. Should reason was controlled 1908. According to big division “ civilian 10 put in li of ” Yan Xi 's charge fair already die is old. His place should be the teenager period before leaving home from Yan Xi general instruction. Put in li of Chen Shi later is big 's charge to should give birth to place of season father's younger brother to teach for blessing. This collects a ” from “ look to know in the travel fist sequence of thought in one book.
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