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The genetic development of shadowboxing circulates
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AboutShadowboxingA few kinds of genetic views

About shadowboxing origin and author, opinions vary, have Tang Xuxuan roughly Zhang Sanfeng of smooth, the Song Dynasty, bright 5 kinds of different views such as Zhang Sanfeng, clear Chen Wangting and Wang Zongyue.

Tang Dynasty makes Xuan Ping, person of Anhui inhaling county, li Baidong swims, see Xu Xuanping inscribes Shi Chuanshe, thinking is ” of poem of “ celestial being, visit repeatedly to inhaling county, must not. Song Ji have rendered great service " ins and outs of issue of Tang poetry age " say to make “ monarch cereal be not fed, if travel goes straight towards a horse. Every lose Tang Shi firewood sells in city. Plum Bai Fangzhi is not encountered, it is the Yu Wangxian that inscribe a poem bridge ” . Say he is the author of shadowboxing, do not have his card.

Zhang Sanfeng of the Song Dynasty says when Dan Shizhi for fierce, the Song Dynasty, yuan, bright 3 generation can be occupied without historical data. Yellow Li Zhou is home of fist of the home inside bright adherents of a former dynasty at the beginning of Qing Dynasty write south Wang Zheng " the epitaph austral Wang Zheng " , the department writes Wang Zheng 4 times to Na Yan goes and be become according to Gao Chen, think inside Zhang Sanfeng of the Song Dynasty of result of lid of domestic fist “ , 3 peaks are Wudangdanshi, of call together of badge an administrative unit in Xizang, path stalk must not be entered, the boxing way that Ye Mengxuan emperor gives, que Ming, kill a thief with Chan Ding more than 100 ” . Its character fantastic is not worth a letter.

Badge of the Song Dynasty of drag of the home inside bright generation ancestor the times has alleged Wudangdanshi Zhang Sanfeng as form of a address for an official or rich man for the founder of a school of learning, the shadowboxing that builds with clear newly established formerly has nothing to do.

Zhang Sanfeng, according to " bright history · square ability is passed " account, person of city of “ distant Dong Yi. The name is full one, a Jun Bao, 3 abundant its date also. With its raunchy, number piece of slovenly. ” but " bright history " say again: The person when “ or Yan Sanfeng gold, yuan division is the same as with Liu Bingzhong first, ” of too clear palace learns after. Achieve shadowboxing to say as to Zhang Sanfeng, it is revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches (a kind of draw wrong conclusions by false analogy after 1911) just.

Wang Zong and Wang Zongyue are the person of two timeses. According to having a data, wang Zongyue is Qing Qianlong year a person, have " shadowboxing is talked " . After be being waited for about Wang Zongyue's life expatiatory.

   Chen Wangting is the author of shadowboxing
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