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Chen shadowboxing " small " introduce
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The outstanding fist that Chen shadowboxing is Chinese wushu is planted one of, it is China one of bright culture strange flower. The theory such as the theory of main and collateral channels that the change that Chen shadowboxing is the five elements of yin and yang that union learns easily, traditional Chinese medical science learns, and guide bring, the art that say offer, of Chinese boxing of integrated a hunderd schools long and found. Chen shadowboxing is in with effect of its broad and profound Chinese boxing theory, distinctive Chinese boxing color, excellent the art of attack and defense in wushu, remarkable fitness function China fierce Lin Dushu flags, get increasingly the self-identity of whole world people and welcome.

Channel of Chen Jia of Henan of Chen shadowboxing traceable, on the foundation that by Chen at the beginning of Ming Moqing Chen Wangting of the 9th world fetterses in ancestral fist, created excelsiorly too extremely hammer of 5 5 fists, hammer, 13 situation, artillery piece, and gun, knife, sword, rod, sword, mace, whip, return distinctly especially two-men pushs hand and two-men to stick a gun, formed perfect school system. Be in 300 in evolving into development process for years, from Chen shadowboxing derive went out poplar, , fierce, grandson, the various shadowboxing such as Zhao Bao. Between Chen shadowboxing system, be called those who be “ is small ” by later generations, it is situation of most traditional a kind of exercise.

One, generality of Chen shadowboxing “ is small ”

The training of old type shadowboxing is exquisite close to circlet with big group, circlet closes to it is reach the limit without the circle. Chen shadowboxing does not have big, small on the history model cent, go up in training method however, to abecedarian, master for disciple younger brother as soon as possible introduction, frame model enlarge, let prentice first from proceed with of big group, outer lane, through the training of period of time, be in prentice control after Chen shadowboxing delimits the group goes round motion curve, transfer to transfer to circlet, outer lane by big group stage by stage again inner ring, and form trunk of strong road edge and limb change, delivered spire to pester filar interest, reach the advanced state that the circle disappears on the appearance. As the development of shadowboxing, later generations to distinguish the different exercise method of Chen shadowboxing, there are big on Chinese boxing, small (big group, circlet) say. The Chen shadowboxing nowadays is big, small differ besides behavioral form outside, foundation of its technology theory is same. The old hand that wear a fist also be particular about controls the group gradually small, small training begins also be particular about will encircle enlarge, both training process is basic and same, because this has “ to be worn greatly not quite, of small not small ” say.

Because a few later generations are outer,Chen shadowboxing is worn greatly take a dart like weapon or be in business, and begin to travel to the outside, especially Chen Chen Zhaopi of Chen Fake of the seventeenth world, 18 worlds is invited formally to pass a fist by Beijing, Nanjing, make Chen shadowboxing gets big popular extensively, by common people place hep. Small because be in only familial inside impart, and division bear strict, up to now little-known. The Chen “ nowadays is small ” passes a person to also begin to impart to the outside, but because start later, popularize limits finite still. Chen shadowboxing “ is small now ” has on behalf of the character: Younger brother of 18 the acting Chen Kezhong that send a person, Chenke, Chen Baixiang, 19 generation send a person Chen Donghai, Chen Dongshan, Chen Liqing, Chen Lixian, Chen Baixian. Nowadays, their offspring and student are in for Chen shadowboxing is small development vigorous effort is worn.
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