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The development of Yangshi shadowboxing
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Award a fist to Beijing from Yang Luchan, shadowboxing is approbated with respect to what with itself function of solid culture inside information, masterly the art of attack and defense in wushu, apparent fitness effect gets a society gradually. VIPs comes on, next coming civilian common people, can accept to shadowboxing, these advantages give shadowboxing in the future progress laid good foundation.

(One) this one branch is opposite Yang Ban Hou the development of Yangshi shadowboxing

Yang Ban Mr Hou has a period is to depend on award a fist to be course of study, so he becomes the student of the hand, prentice too numerous to mention one by one, have a lot of prentice in Yangshi the development respect of shadowboxing has outstanding contribution, because of the limited space of the article, cannot list one by one. 2 gentlemen do the Li Mocheng that shows aux will be able to to explain this one branch develops Yang Ban Hou, Wu Quanyou to explain.

Mr Li Mocheng is the favorite pupil of Yang Ban Mr Hou, he acceded big shadowboxing of Yangshi shadowboxing, medium wear shadowboxing small a shadowboxing, shadowboxing, quickly, carry a leg to wear shadowboxing, too extremely 4 border are beaten, too extremely 4 artillery piece are beaten, too extremely 13 artillery piece are beaten, too pole. Current, mostly what tradition of shadowboxing of drilling poplar type covers a region is according to legend of his one arteries and veins.

Mr Wu Quanyou also is the person above average in pupil of Yang Ban Hou, he acceded of Yangshi shadowboxing one therein frame shadowboxing and wear shadowboxing quickly, because of pass really, attainment is profound, one group is become oneself after, for the Wushi shadowboxing with accepted common people, become national shadowboxing of 5 old school important. Wushi shadowboxing will wear shadowboxing ” to call ” of “ slow frame in “ , wear “ quickly shadowboxing ” to call ” of “ fast frame. “ up to now Wushi shadowboxing divides slow frame work besides, still withhold a tradition to cover fast frame ” (see press of Henan science and technology published Wu Yinghua 1987 (1905-1996) , Ma Yue bridge (1901-1998) compile " Wu Shitai is splitting fist " brief introduction) . Because be worn in Yangshi shadowboxing,be Lian Yuan, so somebody Wushi shadowboxing slow frame calls a circle to wear shadowboxing. Be being worn quickly because of Yangshi shadowboxing again is experienced square, reason somebody wears Wushi shadowboxing quickly call just wear shadowboxing. The tradition of shadowboxing of type of move poplar of inheritance of Mr Li Mocheng covers a region, develop a school of one's own of Mr Wu Quanyou, become one group oneself, but Yang Zhe of the successor that they are Yangshi shadowboxing likewise, great and the person that develop.

(2) this one branch is opposite Yang Jian Hou the development of Yangshi shadowboxing
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