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The origin of Yangshi shadowboxing and form
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Yangshi shadowboxing is genetic
One of shadowboxing genre, heibei always year person Yang Fukui (dew buddhist) (1800—1873 year) be achieved. He imparts in Beijing shadowboxing, the health care of the person that the dignitary that does not move ” to get used to body of jade of quiet day “ amounts to weak old of official and body needs, the movement with the hair interest in deleting and change Chen Shi to often wear shadowboxing, leap and greater difficulty, make up achieve Yangshi shadowboxing to wear, hind via its grandson Yang Chengfu (1883—1936 year) revise finalize the design. The traditional Yangshi that circulates at present shadowboxing type is worn with the fist of Yang Chengfu old age for the standard, in all 85 type, 37 action. Posture in order to extend decorous, downy be good at, movement and suitable concise, speed is even, unbroken and ceaseless, whole posture construction is strict, in satisfactory, light spirit is ad cool-headed, simple and honest and grave. The Yang Chengfu experienced law summary Yangshi shadowboxing is 10 should, namely: Xu Lingding interest, contain a bosom to unplug false or true of back, loose waist, cent, heavy shoulder drops ancon, intention does not exert oneself to do sth. , fluctuation photograph is followed, photograph of inside and outside closes, be linked together ceaseless, in moving, beg static.
Of Yangshi shadowboxing form

Yangshi shadowboxing is to be on the foundation of old type shadowboxing gradually evolution and into. Old type shadowboxing is original 5 fists, 5 are beaten, all the way 8 situation grow 100 sheet fist, all the way small quadruplet and medicinal powder hand, bunt, also be bunt, in all 15 cover a region. Yang Luchan values division bear, but liberal Yu Shicheng. He returns native place always year, photograph union is used to with place in procedure of practice teaching a fist, old type shadowboxing former some covers the characteristic of situation of fist of grade name basis, wear instead of the name that cover a region greatly, in frame, small, carry wear leg wearing, quickly, 4 artillery piece are beaten, 4 border are beaten, 13 artillery piece are beaten, hold up carries on the arm palm of the Eight Diagrams, medicinal powder hand, temporarily bunt. Among them in frame 4 cover a region, carry leg wearing to two cover a region, add up to 15 cover a region.

The boxing chart name that Yang Luchan brings back by the place when Hui Yongnian of Home Chen channel says " chart of old channel fist " , and always year “ too from Chen Jia with hall ” drugstore channel is taken always year boxing chart name also is " chart of old channel fist " . Because content of chart of these two fists is different, and the title is same, to distinguish its, author general always year “ too with hall ” drugstore " chart of old channel fist " call " too with hall shadowboxing chart collect carefully this " , yang Luchan " chart of old channel fist " call " Yang Luchan shadowboxing chart " .
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