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Wushi shadowboxing is in Shanghai
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1925, wu Jianquan (1870-1942) daughter Wu Yinghua, amount to Home Ren Tangle to introduce by Beijing, come to Shanghai boreal Sichuan road uses tall tower means (show Sichuan north way 3 shade road) heart business pipe of manager of Chinese of Ximen Ziyang travel Home Jing, teach pipe Jing and familial shadowboxing. Left and right sides of time half an year answers Beijing.

  1927, xu Zhi one (1892-1968) come to Shanghai from Beijing, the job is held the position of in cement company. Be year in September, article China books pressworks the company published his write " shadowboxing elementary introduction " . Enter a winter, answered boreal Sichuan road (show Sichuan north way) sports of fierce of essence of “ of horizontal creek bridge is met of ” invite, held the position of the shadowboxing teacher of this meeting. Amateur teachs shadowboxing. Give salary only 3 months, namely however firewood instead obligation is taught. 1930, xu Zhi leaves cement company, later, he works in business circles all the time, had not become shadowboxing teacher again. After founding a state, he is in Shanghai light industry bureau works, until emeritus. July 1958, people sports press published what compile by him " shadowboxing (Wu Jianquan type) " , when coming to pressworked the 5th times in August 1964, after be revised afresh via him himself and complementing, incognito " Wushi shadowboxing " .

  1928, wu Jianquan answered to hold the post of Shanghai at that time long of yellow Chu Jiu of blessing company director invite, brought a student I waits for treasures fine jade, Ge Xin, come to Shanghai from Beijing. Besides hold the position of Director Wudangmen of house of Shanghai country art and sports of “ essence fierce meet the shadowboxing teacher of ” at that time outside, other and private will invite give taught person very much also. Long blessing company returned specially to be published for Wu Jianquan at that time " healthy guideline " one book, published complete set shadowboxing of Wu Jianquan to illuminate.

  1929, bridge of equestrian high mountain comes to hospital of Shanghai Red Cross to work from Beijing, off hours assists its farther-in-law Wu Jianquan in the country art house teachs shadowboxing. Protected the company in the road in power sea 1931. Established shadowboxing of spring of “ ancient bronze mirror company ” . 1935 spring, this company move arrived blessing warm road (the road in showing Yan'an) Ci Huili, after happening of War of Resistance Against Japan, change arrives Y.m.c.a. of bridge of the Eight Immortals in the legend 10 buildings.

  1935, village of nephew Zhao birthday comes to Shanghai from Suzhou, the professor that is engaged in shadowboxing technically works.

  1942, the student Zhang Daquan that mother of Wu Jianquan division receives, because bridge introduction comes to Ma Yue to Shanghai nova pharmaceutical factory to work, amateur also teachs shadowboxing. From now on, wushi shadowboxing also gradually generally popularity at Shanghai.
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