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The headstream of Wushi shadowboxing
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Wushi shadowboxing is gentleman of Manchu complete bless (place of 1834 one 1902) is achieved. Complete bless from Yang Lou buddhist (1799 one 1872) learns Yangshi shadowboxing is big, do obeisance to Mr Yang Luchan later second child Yang Ban Hou (1837-1892) is shadowboxing of Shi Xueyang type is small, still impart personally by Yang Lou buddhist actually. Learn frequently to practice hard through several years, complete bless grows Yu Rou to change.
Of complete bless gentleman child Mr Wu Jianquan (be linked together of 1870 one 1942)“ is Manchu transliteration reason is surnamed ” . From a child is fond of result of practice martial arts, be good at riding shoot, and have the technology that hides in stirrup. In father teach below, he is increasingly profound to the attainment of shadowboxing. After 1912, the one child in Yang door makes Yu Sheng (1879 one 1945) achieves stereo Yo to study a company in Beijing, invite Yang Shaohou, Yang Chengfu (1883-1936) , Wu Jianquan teachs shadowboxing. Thenceforth rises, shadowboxing begins open to the public, pass at door wall besides, benefit society.
Mr Wu Jianquan is right the shadowboxing of handed down from the older generations of the family, develop ceaselessly on education, progressively Xiu Runhe is contented. In be worn slow, take out repeats and bouncing movement, make the fist wears more downy compasses to be apart from, become continuous and ceaseless, accord with too extremely the result of theory of yin and yang is worn, the characteristic is more apparent, become school oneself thereby, circulate all the time up to now. Have fast frame work additionally, reservation hops and still send the body law such as interest, gimmick, facilitating shadowboxing lover takes exercise further.
The result of Wushi shadowboxing is worn compact, song Jing is natural, show the peculiar color of light spirit, round work and behavioral permeate adequately. The requirement that shove a hand establishs the Zheng Anshu in the body, gimmick rigor, diversification of a move in chess or a movement in wushu, exquisite continous is soft, defend static and not frivolous. Lively pace big fight, more for emergency use is flexible, stick Xian Yi. Rot deflowering is to come loose hand, it is by superb more, if,move Jiang He, blame writing can be described. In addition, wushi shadowboxing still withheld more conventional weapon project, be like too extremely sword, too extremely right sword, too extremely knife, too extremely 13 guns (big gun) , too extremely arms, too extremely plunge into 4 guns and stick lever to wait.
Mr Wu Jianquan 1928 Shanghai of change one's dwelling house, wide to impart Wushi shadowboxing. 1935 shadowboxing of spring of activate ancient bronze mirror company. Was in Shanghai 1939 Tibetan road Y.m.c.a. 10 buildings, create office of spring of ancient bronze mirror, for Wushi shadowboxing lover provided the room of the exercise. Misfortune of Mr Wu Jianquan died 1942, sincere the significant loss that is Wushi shadowboxing. Shanghai company Wu is in charge of by bridge of Wu Yinghua, Ma Yue. Company of its abroad fist already grew country and the area such as Singapore, Philippine, Canada and Hong Kong, Macao, u.N. also has shadowboxing club to teach Wushi shadowboxing. At present Wushi shadowboxing already was alled over pass at domestic and international, benefit at world people, issued deep friendship with their knot.
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