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What fierce sends shadowboxing is virgin reach in Han Dan, always year the devel
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China wushu is a when China civilization develops indispensable main component. ShadowboxingIt is a of China wushu strange flower, fierce cliqueShadowboxingIt is the high-quality goods of garden of this one strange flower.

Fierce cliqueShadowboxingBetween salty good year of arisen Yu Qingchao, the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of father a surname assists, renown river is clear, date cheap spring, yu Xiang is his word. Assist of fierce the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty is born at clear Chao Jiaqing seventeen years (1812) , soldier Yu Guangxu 6 years (1880) , straight be subordinate to is wide smooth government office always year county (today area of Dan of Heibei province Han always year county) person, granary tribute is unripe, hou Xuanxun guides, with child brother's son is expensive (brother's son holds the post of official of man of clear the Ministry of War in feudal China with Zhangceng, grandson courtyard of member of the Imperial Academy of Yan Xuceng hold post) , give Feng Zhongxian the doctor,

Always year fierce family name is Shanxi formerly too cereal county person, ming Yongle year a change one's dwelling house always year county 7 class village, there is to migrate after always year inside the city. Yu Xiang is the 7th world. Great-grandfather avoid as taboo town, word Jing Yuan, ceng Chongwei works always. Big brave of grandfather avoid as taboo, word moral character is strong, wu Xiucai. Intense of father a surname, the word bigs bear, xiang is unripe, die young, when soldier 33 years old. Yu Xiang has two elder brother two elder sister, support mother breeding grows up. Its mother Zhao is announce changes town gentleman fort total Zhao Hongxun female, young ripe Confusion classics, amount to cardinal principles of righteousness, after the husband dies from class Zhu Zi, example with the four Books (The Great Learning,The Doctrine of the Mean,The Analects of Confucius and Mencius) of the five classics, all become famous. (consult " annals of vast smooth seat of government · intense female pass " )
Yu Xiang grows elder brother to clarify, the word ceases raining or snowing eaves, old person of late date Qiu Ying, give birth to Yu Jiaqing 5 years (1800) , soldier Yu Guangxu 10 years (1884) . Make it clear that 18 years old are taken an examination of on scholar, give apprentice foster mother, do some teachings in addition to one's main occupation two younger brother read. Xian Fengren child division a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, in relief county of government-owned Henan dance knows a county. Ru Qing of Yu Xiangzhong elder brother, the word drinks hall, date orchid Wan, give birth to Yu Jiaqing 8 years (1883) , soldier Yu Guangxu 13 years (1887) . The talk is smooth 20 years (1840) Geng Zike a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, the man outside the member that Sichuan of government-owned the Ministry of Punishments in feudal China manages, demit officer returns after in,
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