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Shallow talk and of type shadowboxing straight 5 suitable
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With type shadowboxing it is Chinese shadowboxing one of 6 old school, besides the elementary main points that has shadowboxing, still have its distinctive place. 3 straight, 5 arrange even if among them one of. L
Alleged 3 straight: Namely first straight, body crus is straight, straight. Be expert at result go to wear or stand to sit all right when lying, issue mental small adduction, perpendicular neck is suitable, do not lower his head to face upward, make the head just. 100 meetings acupuncture point is like the top of head a gleam of goes up gently carry, also say to be hanged coming directly towards (or say to hang a top, extract a tip, empty draws an interest) . When the head is straight, notice the neck is not inflexible, also cannot soft collapse, want natural upend. Spinal cord, hemal, tracheal wait for an assemble cervical, the head makes enrage hematic understand continuously. Can make the god can a string of 1000 cash very, meaning can make known to lower levels, achieve mental beat to swing everywhere constantly, light spirit of the whole body. It is better that accurate method can make cervical vertebra and cervical muscle get take exercise, have very good effect to disease of cervical vertebra of prevention and cure. First criterion the neck is straight, the neck enrages blood continuously expedite, have one's head screwed on the right way, the circumstance change that encounters to the outside and quick treatment handles all sorts of information assembles after cerebrum, seasonable and accurate make judgement, timely response, issue signal, make the body departmental and harmonious cooperate, the movement is dovish and accurate;

The “ body ” with straight body, point to the trunk of human body. Truncal cannot left crooked right inclined, cannot before admire after Fu. The body is straight, accomplish even contain a bosom to unplug back, loose hip wraps buttock to wait. Make lumbar backbone medium continuously personally, body integrity makes upside place suffers next gravitational and rapid passing, joint of classics Di Qia is passed to the pelvis, via the changeover of the pelvis and hip, the basis is located condition reachs situation getting power, next at double foot or a side foot passing. Going change the other side to come force while, progress strikes back, send since degenerative discharge force or chief body. The powerful force that trunk also is private parts generation amounts to what point to at the palm to transfer a key position. Trunk is not straight, interest is not suitable amount to. What gas blood is helpful for in lumbar backbone is expedite. Lumbar backbone is the position with current arteries and veins of superintend and director, arteries and veins of superintend and director grows strong acupuncture point in the center of rear of the sacrum since, arteries and veins of edge superintend and director goes up the big vertebra acupuncture point to cervical the reverse side. And Shu acupuncture point is in back, shu acupuncture point is the come or flow together of blood of person energy of life, essence of internal organs of the body enrages by Shu acupuncture point mutual be well versed in, make blood of main and collateral channels, gas continuously personally expedite, enhance a constitution.
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