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Too extremely in 13 situation " acrobatics 8 laws "
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Teacher of cliff of birthday of conspicuous of Yangshi shadowboxing a person of academic or artistic distinction opens fitness in Beijing too extremely wushu is close 30 years, what he imparts too extremely 13 situation content is rich, the construction is strict, extend fruity, aid of firm soft posture, drill outside its form, drill inside its meaning, retained the old style that often wears Yangshi shadowboxing. Too extremely 13 situation cover the exercise method that there is power of a lot of fists in the road is hertz teacher place particular, its interest force and ability law all have distinctive place. When the teacher is teaching this to cover a fist, teach a way only commonly to most student, explain the powerful force in Chinese boxing and ability method rarely. For this, the author learned the Ceng Jiaoxiang when this covers a fist to consult hertz teacher all the fifties. The teacher says: With " gas, strong, empty, dish, eye, pace, form, change " these 8 words, also weigh 8 kinds of methods of acrobatics, can reflect the powerful force in giving Chinese boxing of a complete set of and ability way. Time is like archery, if life moves back and forth, when practicing this covering a fist every time now, as if first division still stands beside child of guidance of kind, patient ground people acrobatics, for recall first master, make first the heredity of division can keep at the world, when passing a fist according to the teacher now teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution, acrobatics 8 laws memory arranges existing writings introduction to give a reader, because time is ages ago, this article hard to avoid has the place of careless omission, please the you teacher and friend that Ceng Hexian division has learned this to cover a fist gives point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.

One, gas -- gas is followed situation change
Exercise too extremely 13 situation should use abdominal, abdominal has two kinds of methods, suitable abdominal and go against abdominal. Arrange the exercise method of abdominal: Body nature is erect, bipod departure and shoulder are the same as wide, eye is made the same score ahead inspect, two arms by before make the same score slowly up lift, the centre of the palm up, when coming to keep balance with humeral ministry, be inspiratory, make with idea air sends abdomen gradually, make alvine along with inspiratory slowly outside dash forward; Two lung suck air full hind, two the centre of the palm retroflexion downward, make the centre of the palm is down, two arms double ancon is flagging, two palms fall slowly by to abdominal ahead; When the control is being pressed below, make lung air slowly expiration, alvine along with expiratory and natural adduction, finished so far breathe out whiff, such loop breathes continuously, want to practice deep, slow, soft, divide evenly stage by stage. The exercise requirement that goes against abdominal and suitable abdominal is contrary, other requirement is consistent. After the adroitness that cover a region, can according to " case suck fall breathe out " , " close suck breathe out " , and " case suck breathe out " , " close suck fall breathe out " principle, make movement and breathing nature cooperate to rise. From above explain, not fathomless " gas is followed situation change " implication.
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