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Loose close close pine is experienced too extremely
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Experienced too extremely person numerous, can the art of attack and defense in wushu person few, full because drill person numerous, and experienced fist person little, drill is easy and experienced fist is difficult,

Practice is about to beg the art of attack and defense in wushu extremely too, must beg first form. Pattern of each shadowboxing action is endless and same, have a look only, is the others frame-up? Either. Form be not those who point to each action type to run course level changeless, show body law main points is correct however. Personally form is suitable, criterion inside interest goes out oneself. Will look with respect to body law main points, each written language that leave is endless also and same. Have say to want to contain a bosom to collapse waist, have say to want to contain a bosom to unplug back; Have say to want extensive buttock, have say to want collect buttock. Then some people are contended for so that cannot leave hand in, unable to decide which is right. Actually this is the Buddhist's alleged language barrier, language barrier. Passing law of body of the solid person that build come down in one continuous line really truly basically is same, because not be one clique,did not differ. Try the fist that sees Chen Fake and Yang Chengfu to illuminate, chen is told collapse lumbar extensive buttock, but old sent division sunken waist to stick up buttock? Yang tells collect buttock, does waist of Dan Yangcheng justing protruding shrink buttock? The body law main points that these two elder show hardly the distinction with too big bing4 ru4 gao1huang1. Chinese boxing is a technology that builds a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood in person, not be to explain theory for nothing, however first the fist has theory after that. Before having no theory, body law main points is complete by sense of teaching by one's own example, just form a character gradually later; Each one is different to literal understanding, have then state differently. But have division bear the true person that send, shows body law pattern is same almost, because of this sufficient acting acting teaching by one's own example understand tacitly inheritance comes down, not be to see two fists chart draw gourd ladle to make the appearance that come than calabash.

Be about to learn true too extremely, seek a good teacher first, good teacher must not have name, should have time however and reasonable. Must not follow those drill learn, it is difficult to after learning to slant, want to correct; Self-study also is no good, wushu is successful without self-study. If this locality does not have good Laoshuai, want to learn particularly again, might as well the education smooth dish with go seeing a drop good, learn the basic skill inside. Best two people learn together, correct each other. Cover a region as to action type, did not learn, still wait find good teacher to learn again. This basically is after considering, go out it is OK to search division appreciably saves some of time.
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