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The balance of shadowboxing and harmony
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Shadowboxing most say a balance, balance of the balance that wants the balance that achieves form and structure, state of mind, yin and yang is waited a moment. Learning to go up in force of athletic living things is to should consider centre of gravity evenly, still have its requirement. This result manage law that studies shadowboxing to us is very significant.
The definition that human body balances: Human body or any objects can cause movement below the action of outside force, but also can be in dormant balance position in body of certain circumstance servent, this kind of balance is opposite only, temporary. This also is being accorded with moving is absolutely, and static it is opposite.
Human body centre of gravity: Object centre of gravity is to point to an object join forces of each part gravity and action point. Human body each limbs (first, arm, the leg) have each limbs heart, and the centre of gravity of whole human body calls human body core. Human body centre of gravity place, erect when it is below hilum ahead of vertebra of the 3rd Di is in 7 centimeters commonly. The centre of gravity place of same person also is in circulate as blood, the change such as breath, change as postural especially and change. The centre of gravity of human body can be inside body also but outer. The centre of gravity of this specification human body not only have gross weight heart, still have the local heart of each limbs, change however, and OK still inside body or outside body. Outside stemming from body when centre of gravity when, also we push hand motion middling to apply in shadowboxing, centre of gravity of the other side is stemmed from is us outside body raise with the foundation that sends dozen of interest.
Human body partially balanced: Human body partially balanced is the part with indispensable human body, and whole human body comes true evenly by each partially balanced, human body with bone, joint and the lever that muscle comprises are balanced namely the balance that muscle pulling force draws quadrature and gravitational quadrature.
Human body whole balances: To make the object poises, must make action is balanced each other at each outside force of the object, must make action is balanced each other at each outside force of the object, because specific requirement is different, balance position has following 3 kinds of circumstances, namely indifferent equilibrium, stabilize and do not stabilize a balance.
(1) indifferent equilibrium: No matter the object is in what position to be able to poise, its content dot is line of object heart function pass fulcrum from beginning to end or sustain a scale. The scroll of the ball belongs to this kind of balance.
(2) steady balance: The object is driven a bit from balance position position, centre of gravity place is elevatory, but the influence as a result of gravity, make the object still regains former balance position. This calls steady balance. Model of this kind of balance is tumbler.
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