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Talk " 10 years too extremely do not go out "
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Shadowboxing bound is circulating a word: "Too extremely do not go out 10 years. " mean learn shadowboxing to be become not easily " hand " . 30 Yu Zai's practice tell author Xiwu shadowboxing me: Shadowboxing is not indocile learn hard, want do sth in the proper way only, in about a year can learn to be become somewhat. Have " too extremely do not go out 10 years " view, my opinion has two sides: It is division person professor method has a problem, 2 it is scholastic study state of mind has a problem.

Talk about a teacher first. First issue is conservative. Shadowboxing is an old fist kind, from fokelore too extremely Zhang Sanfeng of the founder of a school of learning founds this fist already worked nearly to now year. Can calculate till clear Chao Shicai have a few character record and narrate, just break " exclusive " of experienced shadowboxing close condition, circulate stage by stage " folk " . Shadowboxing and other skill are same, wait for respect reason as a result of feudal society system, idea, if church is prentice starved to death master waits, because of learning not easy, reason also won't send a person easily. The person that it is division so often is met " hold back a trick or two " special, the result often is the person that it is division has not enough time to impart when be dying, craft of a few be handed down from ancient times " take away " . Another respect is him teacher the meeting is experienced, satisfying in clear, because teach Fabuke to learn, often have " crock of a bitter edible plant boils dumpling " phenomenon. Much more prentice, now and then meet " comprehension " nice this gift is descendant true art come. Otherwise, can " be lost " . The 3rd it is a teacher " have real skill " , but do not have shadowboxing true time, for him drive up be deliberately mystifying, make if the scholar drops in thick fog, also can muddleheaded learn. Such teacher in reality theres is no lack of its person. The 4th it is a teacher theoretic have, say clear and logical, the time on the mouth is good, and often still seek a chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position for oneself: Anyway I said to you, practice does not become the issue that is you. The 5th it is the teacher understands really, also can gesture explain interest slowly will wait for shadowboxing manage, but meet urgent wind brash like " actual combat " will surely not use however. The 6th it is dumb teacher----One book. Without the course the heart is passed dictate, light sees boxing talking, this does not have accuracy more. Its immanent cause is to some of thing relies on a character on one hand model it is very difficult state clear, it is classic on the other hand boxing talking is classical Chinese article, bad to understand, and different meanings is much, do so that 2 bonze feel scholastic a unit of length to be not worn brains. As a result of above reason be caused by, the scholar reviews wholeheartedly only realize ten years, just can realize a just a little a few years even, some drilled shadowboxing also did not feel shadowboxing all one's life " the brim " . This causes cause Oh the wrong understanding that shadowboxing learns hard to be become hard.
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