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How does experienced shadowboxing accomplish the whole body to loosen
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One, relaxation meaning and action
Loosen, it is the mood when drilling relaxed and happy, each joint that do not have any intense sentiments or pressure; limbs, organ and muscle, ligament flabby, extend. Special want very ministry of watchful loose shoulder, loose waist, loose hip, loose leg, prop up force to establish the person with the nature of bone cheese as far as possible rise, interest of a bit deadlocked does not want. Behavioral light spirit is downy, easy freely, implicative and well-balanced, go well is fluent; Not urgent not delay, do not come loose not sluggish, but cannot limp or frivolous. Loosening is the acrobatics method with distinctive shadowboxing and method, the purpose is to go deadlocked is begged soft, accumulate Rou Chenggang, aid of firm soft posture.
Relaxation action, wraparound rise to basically have at 5 o'clock:
1. Conduce to eliminate exhaustion, especially cerebrum can get purify and be adjustmented, thinking clarity. In the meantime, limb 100 body are stimulated generally by benign function, harmonious, mentation and physiology condition balance function of each system organ, enhance immune power greatly.
2. Be helpful for enraging hematic main and collateral channels expedite, achieve easy muscle invigorate the circulation of blood, stimulative metabolism, avoid to cause breath hurried, heartbeat is accelerated, even the side-effect such as blood sugar of stagnation of the circulation of vital energy.
3. The light spirit that is helpful for behavioral changeover, harmonious, otherwise, appear inflexible, awakward.
4. Facilitate inside gas sinks, empty falls on solid. Be helpful for the body already firm, be helpful for sending force again solid, accordingly, also can say, won't loosen, hair force won't strong.
5. Be helpful for going after softness, accumulate Rou Chenggang. The pine is only soft, caikesheng is firm; Without Song Rou, do not have bold. In the meantime, also can regard the process that savours shadowboxing profundity connotation as the process of experienced fist, deepen the understanding of laws of pair of boxing manage fist.
2, how does ability accomplish the whole body to loosen
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