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Yang Chengfu finalizes the design worn meaning and the inspiration that give us
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One, Yang Chengfu finalizes the design worn meaning

The person conduct review of Yangshi shadowboxing people, will sign Yang Chengfu is written " shadowboxing body uses whole book " in the fist that reveal wears a movement to illuminate, call " Yang Chengfu finalizes the design frame " . Fierce altar colleagues, wear the basic fist that regards Yangshi as shadowboxing with this fist, with its boxing type norms is behavioral standard. The phenomenon of this one established by usage, the cause that is tripartite face roughly facilitates.

One of, the fist that according to Mr Yang Chengfu nuncupative practice law demonstrates with him is illuminated for pictorial book, share 3, was 1925 publish by China press " shadowboxing art " (Chen Wei of the person that sign bright) , 2 was 1931 by Wen Guangyin Wu house publishs " shadowboxing uses a method " () of Yang Chengfu of the person that sign, 3 be 1934. Year by Shanghai big east press publishs " shadowboxing body uses whole book " () of Yang Chengfu of the person that sign. Mr Yang Chengfu died 1936, " shadowboxing body uses whole book " one book is the swan song when Mr Yang Chengfu is alive. He is in of this book " author's preface " in say: "Consider Chen Zi (Chen Wei bright) book, narrate the program that single person practices only. And browse the result ten years ago is worn, answer not as good as recently. " Mr Yang Chengfu wears a fist to be approbated according to two respects from technical system and result " shadowboxing body uses whole book " write and fist are illuminated before excel. Together with " shadowboxing body uses whole book " be " final judgment can be passed on a person only when the lid is laid on his coffin " make. Accordingly, with " shadowboxing body uses whole book " result wearing fist is illuminated for " Yang Chengfu finalizes the design frame " , it is automatical historic judgment.

Secondly, yangshi shadowboxing poplar shows buddhist newly established, via its child apprentice generation builds kind hard, to its grandson Yang Chengfu, the fist that 3 acting people fulfil part and studies achievement Xiu Dingcheng wears a road, retained the traditional trait of Yangshi shadowboxing already, got in the people very extensive promotion is mixed again gain ground. Mr Yang Chengfu is in " author's preface " in narrate the transmission of shadowboxing says when the circumstance at that time " beyond only then give apprentice former capital, ... more south walk along Jiang Huaimin between short for Zhejiang Province. ... all previous more than 10 years, and of shadowboxing faddish, from Henan north, reach Yu Jiang to control, very and Shui Zhibin of another name for Guangdong Province, of be used to person also have its person greatly. " Yang Chengfu fist is worn already deep home learns a basics, classics practice test and verify, be passed the favour of the person that review, having extensive masses base, established Yang Chengfu to finalize the design from this a foundation that as Yangshi shadowboxing basic fist wears.
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