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Shadowboxing aids rehabilitation of cerebral haemorrhage paralytic to see effect
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It is the life that shadowboxing saved me. I talk about its course and experience below. I am in cerebral haemorrhage was broken out when 54 years old 1995 apoplectic, conversation is not clear at that time, the mouth is crooked also. Because the family member sends in time new China hospital rescue, classics doctor takes an examination is cerebral haemorrhage, left half body is not active. Via hospitalization hind, rehabilitation hospital turns to treat build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food after improving stage by stage, leave hospital after coming home, as a result of the family member nurse take good care of sb, the body takes a favourable turn stage by stage. But thought full of worries, thereby person conversation is not clear, ambulate no-go, how do I issue half a lifetime to live to do? Want to jump over more in the heart not happy, the magazine that there was a family member to buy disease of a few concerned heart and vesselses after looks to me. See the introduction on a magazine learns to hit shadowboxing to be able to take exercise to mix accidentally healthy person is same. Period of time is recuperated through nursing after. I am resolved try. Accompany me to take place of shadowboxing of Yang Pu park slowly every morning by the family member, treat everybody hitting shadowboxing, the family member accompanies me to be in every day shadowboxing field, one day a senile granddad sees my body action is disadvantageous, come to a park everyday again however, remove me to come with respect to the care. So he is shadowboxing teacher, is he asks I want to learn shadowboxing? I am willing to teach you to learn shadowboxing, your body has been met certainly. I promise to do obeisance to him to be a teacher readily at that time, ask him to teach me to learn shadowboxing.
Then, simplify from 24 type shadowboxing learns to rise, begin to learn a fist really very firm suffering, whole body of ability to walk is painful. I am resolved already overcome all difficulty to learn to go down. Patient coach of the teacher is passed after, acquire 4 months moment, my body has improving hands or feet to compare greatly really loose is much before, conversation is a little clear, in the heart glad. The sweat that one day the teacher sees my control has circuit to encircle came out, the teacher is told to me, you take exercise via this paragraph of time, have results greatly to the body, explain you are left arteries and veins of half body blood already was connected. The teacher says so, in my heart more happy, determination continues to drill, learn to go down.
My illuminative teacher is called Wang Jinlong, when teaching me experienced fist at that time already 88 years old of advanced age. Church after my 24 type shadowboxing, teach me to learn to hit Yang Shi again 85 type tradition covers a lot of fist such as the road. Pass period of time again take exercise, the person that my hands or feet basically resembles having disease is same. I experience the emancipator that illuminative teacher is me, it is shadowboxing cured my ill body. The teacher with have so good feels very glad in the heart.
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