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Shadowboxing saved my life
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I had cancer of the stomach unfortunately 2000. After go to the bad, undertook complete stomach excises an operation in time, undertook is as long as one year after the operation of half change cure. After the operation, be in the home sanatorium, all the day Chinese traditional medicine, Western medicine, undertake a week changes cure every months, the person is done decline is rottenly depressed. Because did not have a stomach, abdomen bilges all the day of bosomy strike, no matter you eat more little, do not eat whole stomach to bilge even of bosomy strike, the bearer below half an year is thinner and thinner, thin drop many jins 40, spirit also worse and worse, I had begun to consider my a funeral affair at that time. My sweetheart looks to be urgent in the eye in the heart, persuade my spry moment to go out repeatedly, mobile activity. Persuade in hers below, one day, also be the first time after I fall ill went to a park. Hand in Daangli company just right organizes sales promotion activity in the park, buy to hold high establish a product, the teacher teachs shadowboxing freely. Hold the American ginseng lozenge that establishs a company high, after falling ill, also had eaten, bought, it is informal to follow at the back of shadowboxing teacher subsequently than delimiting, move move rest. The miracle after a hour appeared, oneself feel the feeling that had the hunger that nod flesh, this is the feeling that there was hunger for the first time after falling ill. After coming home, I said this thing to the sweetheart, the sweetheart encourages me to insist to go, rest the day still accompanies me to go together, take exercise through shadowboxing of period of time, find oneself is better and better. Go out to eat to stew an egg to mix only everyday some of congee, a bowl of milk still can eat when coming back, eat a few cracker. During although be in,changing cure later, I also insist to learn shadowboxing. Understood through exercising me, shadowboxing can enhance the immune power of human body, right neurological, digestion, haemal circulatory system, athletic system can produce benign effect. The twist of profound in forging process abdominal and lumbar abdomen carries kinetic energy improves the function of digestion. The essentials that practices shadowboxing is calm, idea is the pine of body of concentrated, calm, Lian Jing in moving, medium path harmony, unripe be born not to cease, the highway if water, abandon oneself along with the person. Shadowboxing since art of a kind of fitness, also be a kind of philosophy, to disease person the psychogenic disorder of generation can have very good recuperation effect, reduce the psychological pressure that the disease brings. Shadowboxing is an art of superexcellent preserve one's health really, this also is a when I like shadowboxing main reason.

Through learning experienced shadowboxing, my body recovers stage by stage, it cured my disease already, raised fitness again, enriched my life, edify disposition. Those who pass a few years of shadowboxing take exercise, my fist art had rise. Then I enter system of Shanghai old age actively assist wushu committee and Lu bay area 5 lis of bridges are street the of all kinds activity of shadowboxing team, dare to move toward a society, dare to face the public, often represent street play game of of all kinds shadowboxing, obtain better result. I attended “ Shanghai on behalf of Lu bay area 2004 ” of match of wushu of the 7th senile games has the honor to win first prize of collective Chinese boxing. Represented Lu bay district 2005 5 lis of bridges are street shadowboxing of the old people in attending “ Shanghai (sword) match ” has the honor to win collective first prize. Represented Lu bay district 2006 5 lis of bridges are street shadowboxing of the old people in attending “ Shanghai (sword) match ” has the honor to win first prize again. Represented Shanghai senile put oneself in another's position 2007 assist shadowboxing team plays “ to return to ” of section of wushu of the 5th international of cup Hong Kong, obtain shadowboxing of individual poplar type and 42 type shadowboxing two the 3rd.
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