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The magical effect of shadowboxing fitness
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I am a financial worker of Henan Zhengzhou railway system, be diagnosed unfortunately in October 1998 to be breast cancer, did in the hospital at that time improved effect a radical cure excision operation. Art hind begins 15 days to change cure, cure end is changed at the beginning of 1999. Bone scanning is done when checking in Feburary 2000, rib has one focus on the right side of discovery, suspicion is bone move, immediately was done the 2nd times again change cure. Of large dose change cure to make me full the beautiful hair of the head is in the nude between one night, fall when leucocyte lowest 1000 much (normal and factitious 4000—10000) . During changing cure the malign reaction of be agitated, vomiting, can't bear turn one's head simply. Restored more than one year when the body, the hair just grew two inches how long when, one did not make the same score to rise again, when checking, suspect the uterus has a problem again. Uterine ovariotomy operation was become again at the beginning of March 2001. Whose person is afraid of death? Say daredevil person, that is a kind of spirit! In my catastrophe ceaseless befall when, the family member that is me, family, friend and work in the same placing care I, help me, gave me the courage of subsist! Pass the cure of one phase and take good care of sb again, I am to be held out at long last, the body takes a favourable turn gradually can come out to work. At this moment, in the unit one drilled Mr. Zhang of 20 old shadowboxing says to me: Experienced shadowboxing of “ your practice, hit shadowboxing to have profit quite to the rehabilitation of the body, special conduce to small loop, the rehabilitation of internal system. What shadowboxing drills is ……” of exercise to benefit the internal organs he lends my China shadowboxing everybody again Gu Liuxin writes " how experienced good shadowboxing " one book. I was read seriously, after reading, the heart thinks: Does shadowboxing have really so magical? Be in just about instead rehabilitation phase, need to have the kind of a kind of activity really, I also had drilled qigong, the effect is not apparent, the heart thinks that tries practice too extremely, begin to learn experienced shadowboxing from now on.

Our Henan is the birthplace of shadowboxing, study shadowboxing has advantaged requirement. In us Zhengzhou has China contemporary one of division of name of 10 big wushu the channel of “ Chen Jia that Chen Zhenglei's Great Master does (Zhengzhou) shadowboxing house ” . Mr. Chen Zhenglei has held the position of Henan to save wushu house deputy curator, currently hold the post ofHenan to save wushu association vice-chairman, he is the Zong Chuanren of of lineal descent of old type shadowboxing, he makes up achieved Chen shadowboxing on the foundation of ancestral shadowboxing essence of life wants 18 type to suit our abecedarian particularly. I begin to enter in his boxing house too extremely hall. Just began to drill be afraid that arm is swollen when the fist, when because do mammary gland,excising an operation, alar lymph node also wants to excise, cause lymphatic fluid circumfluence not free, cause arm swollen. I was insisting to drill after a month, discover arm not only not swollen, original instead oedema returned disappear to go down a bit, shine suddenly in my heart, the place in thinking of a book immediately says: “ medicine theory thinks: The health of human body and classics gas are expedite about, experienced shadowboxing can expedite main and collateral channels, hemal, lymphatic circulatory system, in motion, arterial blood-vessel gets downy diastole, stimulative blood circulates, raise aerobic supply, also promoted lymphatic metabolism. ” drills shadowboxing acted well really: by this I also should hold to practice. The strength that I learn to drill is great also, also dare unlock practice, again interest of this experienced fist cannot close with respect to one hair later! From do not have interest all over, practice arrives to have the interest that does not make all over, no matter blow,rain to hold to practice everyday, fist, sword, knife, fan learned inside a year ten. The dietary habit that oneself detect after a year also was changed a few, the meat eats previously much, abstain from eating meal is much now, state of mind is gentle also a lot of, do start armed struggle come in an orderly way. Read the material of respect of heart of a few fierce, comprehend learn shadowboxing to do too extremely person, go drilling attentively fist, in the process of shadowboxing learning practice, exercised the body to raise the individual's accomplishment again already.
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