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Shadowboxing may conduce to precautionary berpes zoster
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Shadowboxing exercises means as what be beneficial to old people already well known. This old China wushu is in nowadays the west is more and more popular also. Los angeles of American California university divides the research discovery such as the Irwin of school, shadowboxing besides can improve the health, add a balance beyond feeling, still conduce to precautionary berpes zoster. (J Am Geriatr Soc. 2007, 55:511)

This by a definite date 25 weeks before look up sex, random contrast the experiment brought into 2001-2005 in all year a community inside two city of American is medium 112 healthy old people that have yaricella medical history, the age is in 59~86 year old.

Suffer the person that try to be allocated randomly too extremely group or healthy education group. Too extremely group attend every week 3 shadowboxing course, continuously 3 months. Healthy education team plays health to teach course, study good dietary convention and pressure management method. In 16 week hind, suffer the person that try the work reducing toxin of inoculate against chicken pox is vaccinal (VARIVAX vaccinal) . Investigator is before have an inoculation, hind the immune level that all has is aimed at berpes zoster to sufferring exsanguinate of the person that try detects (VZV-CMI detects) , investigate a quantity to express with 36 healthy states (SF-36) evaluation accepts condition of the person that try.

The result shows, 25 week hind, too extremely health of remarkable prep above teachs the VZV-CMI level of the group group (P<0.05) , double increment rate is healthy education group almost, have significance (P<0.001) . The VZV-CMI that shadowboxing causes alone increases what degree and yaricella vaccine cause to comparative, and the action of both is OK overlay. Compare with alone use vaccine, shadowboxing and vaccine are combined, can cause higher VZV-CM level. In the meantime, too extremely group crowd is mixed in ache of body function, body, vigor the SF-36 grading of mental sanitation respect is remarkable also group of education of prep above health (P<0.05) .

Study the result makes clear, shadowboxing increased the airframe after yaricella vaccine is being reached to use below static circumstance the immune level to berpes zoster, specific mechanism needs further research.

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