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Gist of health care of old people lumbago
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“ patient lumbago, the doctor has a headache ” . Lumbago is injured because of exceeding more or long-term same strain causes a pose, with interverbebral disc of chronic strain of lumbar muscles, osteoporosis, waist outstanding, vertebra is in charge of stricture to see more most. According to statistic, the person of 90 % ever had the experience of lumbago, and the lumbago dispute of old people often sees, of incus family outpatient service 67 into.

Traditional medicine thinks: The waist is a suit should, all without exception of Qu Shen a simple move or action by. If “ station is loose, if bell ” is as optimal as the station to sitting postural describes archaic cure home,sit, will be acted according to to be 100000 criterion. Notice all sorts of correct poses in daily life, lumbar muscle is injured with respect to not easy exhaustion, avoid lumbar sarcous excessive overworked also is very important. The sanitarian principle of lumbago of the following prevention and cure involves daily life to sit mediumly, lie, travel, move, feed each respects.

(1) sit when the chair, best can have back, it is OK that at the same time the foot falls block up some make knee joint some taller than hip joint; Sit on high chair and below the foot cannot when block up, can lift up cross-legged or with ankle on knee, which leg above not matter, find oneself is comfortable good.

(2) when cross one's legs sits, cushion should be added below buttock. Sit because of on the ground, can increase lumbar skeleton and sarcous burden. Do not sit for a long time too short chair and soft low sofa, the pose that relies on on this kind of a thing to sit on can make the physiology of rachis bends produce a change.

(3) lie in bed with hard board bed is board bed or palm beautiful, lie not for a long time soft bed, because such meetings make rachis is in abnormal pose, cause pose sex lumbago.

(4) the clog that old people does not carry force to cannot be reached as far as possible, the attention when carrying a clog falls first crouch, again favour sb clog, do not bow directly carry; Two people carry when content, notice to remind each other, raise at the same time, put down, want the power of shoulder of have the aid of, knee joint, prevent sprain waist. From the thing is collected on the floor, no matter article weight, should crouch to be collected again, two genu also should rely on to prop up when standing rise.

(5) take when taking more serious article, should make article its hold firmly before clingy bosom, in order to reduce lumbar sarcous burden; Take when putting the position to cross facial article high, want to stand on bench, do not want on tiptoe of straighten one's back to take.

(6) when the waist cannot alleviate by oneself sorely continuously, must prove a cause, exclude the pathological change such as tumor. The waist can wear waistline when acute is aching, lie in bed rests to ache in order to alleviate, but the attention often is not worn, do the function that admires after the arch on abdomen, waist to take exercise on the bed as far as possible.
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