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An aspirations of kind of rheumatism arthritis patient
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At the beginning of 1997, I suffer from went up kind of rheumatism arthritis. Serious illness is tormented so that I do not have even the effort of be forced to tell sth bit by bit, the life already cannot provide for oneself, my spirit is close to breaking down, down to lost existent confidence, whole family envelops the shadow in anguish in. Family sends me to hospitalization of Shanghai brilliance hospital, adopt elaborate therapy of the doctor, although the illness improves somewhat hind leave hospital, but should eat everyday 5, 6 kinds of medicine, the hair falls off a lot of, complexion is gloomy and gaunt, when the speech weak. In those days just just I 45 years old, so aged that resemble a carline of many years old 60.

1997 end, in the friend give directions below, I begin to learn 24 type to simplify shadowboxing. Firm in the begining, I divide even 3 bronco hair on the neck of a pig to also do no less than coming, make a motion with respect to complexion cadaverous, at the moment nigrescent, should sit down have a break. Shadowboxing of a 24 type, because physical strength is not raised, I used scholarship of time of nearly two months to be over. Learned shadowboxing, I hold to everyday and the fist is friendly people take exercise together, the miracle after 3 months appeared, physical strength increases apparently, speaking voice is resonant also, complexion begins extensive red, furrow also decreases apparently. Rely on the husband to take care of my life daily life completely so, restore I myself can buy dish to do housework to live by bike, laugh and cheerful atmosphere appeared afresh again in the family. After half an year, when the picture that taking experienced a punch when me looks to the doctor, the doctor dare believe scarcely. Once, I take a walk in people square, not careful in the little inspection well that one foot steps on in damaged, I came instinctively the empty pace movement of a shadowboxing, prop up the body that will topple with the another leg that prop up, oneself drop the leg in the well to be taken out slowly. At that time besides rub outside a bit skin, actually safe and sound. If do not have practice to cross shadowboxing, that true adv unimaginably meeting gives what business.

Nowadays, I meet the person says excitedly, it is shadowboxing saved me. Now I not only a way that learned other shadowboxing, and still should have a teacher, guide village dweller to practice shadowboxing together. When I give my shadowboxing teacher the picture that wears a fist to take, she says gladly: This ability resembles “ more than 40 years old you. ”

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