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The benefit of shadowboxing of shallow practice talking about be used to
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Speak of shadowboxing almost widely known, no matter be to be in a park, all still can see the sign of shadowboxing in community square. Why is shadowboxing met such times welcome with favour? Because shadowboxing is in,basically be effect of Medical Protection side is distinct, it can defer what human body organizes organic structure and function to go up each to degrade, have the disease of fitness, cure, effect that delays consenescence effectively.

Mr Deng Xiaoping that holds the post of republican premier when November 1978 especially is shadowboxing epigraph personally: “ shadowboxing good ” ; On the evening party of CCTV Spring Festival 2007 and opening ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, this has “ shadowboxing ” of typical China characteristic inside domestic fist is planted, became the delegate of China tradition culture almost, revealing it to common people that alone attractive east too extremely verve.

As to the genetic problem of shadowboxing, in 20 centuries when 30 time, wait for textual research via Tang Hao of home of wushu textual research, shadowboxing is bright end Chen Wangting of person of channel of Chen Jia of lukewarm county of battle general Henan (word achieve front courtyard) be achieved. Shadowboxing is integrated bright end is kicked in each fist law, dozen, drop, take the boxing power that waits for all sorts of attacking to defend a method, with Qi Jiguang " boxing classics 32 situation " for the foundation, absorb the doctrine of main and collateral channels of the doctrine of yin and yang of classic philosophy and traditional Chinese medical science, linked ancient time guide bring, say offer, make “ heart and meaning close, meaning and gas close, gas and force add up to ” , emphasize inside strong, behavioral arc circle turns, twine helix, enjoy great reputation with Medical Protection respect on the art of attack and defense in wushu thereby.

I tell about the benefit of experienced shadowboxing of next be used to to everybody below:

The secret of 1. shadowboxing depends on “ easily all without exception is moved, the body of static ” of one static all without exception winds screw type campaign, what can give each organization organ particular strength and amount is exciting, go up in order to arouse in physiology with stimulative body and a series of adaptability change produce on shape structure, the direction that makes the constitution increases forward is changed and develop.

2. The athletic kind with unique shadowboxing is helpful for loose of stimulate the menstrual flow. Main and collateral channels is comprised by passages through which vital energy circulates and collaterals which connect channels. Internal organs of the body is belonged to inside main and collateral channels, outside subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy at limb section, between communication internal organs of the body and body watch, make human body connection makes an organic whole. The functional activity that through be used to experienced shadowboxing can make human body departmental, be able to maintain coordinate and balance relatively.
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