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Fitness " amount to a person " hold to morning experienced conquer 30 years kind
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Gong Fuliang and he pants of that blue motion has made rainbow bridge now a sceneries of village of garden of 10 thousand rich.

Everyday early morning, the athletic pants that Gong Laobai of 71 years old can put on this to wear nearly 10 years goes out, with meet and discuss of a few neighbour hind, go learning morning to drill together in the new ancient north next door. “ is in the morning commonly set out at 6 o'clock. ” Gong Laobai introduces, mornings of a lot of middle and primary school are opened to community public nowadays, went to the lavatory greatly they the person that such morning drills, “ should run to rainbow bridge greenbelt before, the trouble is not little. ”

Gong Laobai holds to morning practice to already had 30 old, outside dividing fierce wind heavy rain, never interrupt, want to a few days do not drill only now, he can feel articulatory some are not agile, “ need not be met for a long time like the machine rusty ” .

Really, if not be,be like a day because of these 30 years insist to take exercise, gong Laobai's body is afraid early complete “ is rusty ” . “ in those days Yi wants paralysis! The old partner of ” Gong Laobai blame the aunt has with all sorts of feelings say quite. Original, because be in a factory for a long time to work carelessly the body, gong Fuliang appeared many years old 30 the symptom of kind of rheumatism arthritis, and arrived 40 come when year old, cannot walk almost, the plan should retire ahead of schedule. Husband and wife ran at that time many hospitals, gong Laobai took many drug, dou Moming shows improvement. There is doctor proposal later: “ you are strengthened as oneself take exercise, have effect ” probably.

Half believing and half doubting Gong Laobai began boundless morning experienced course, did not think of to exercise a ” of such miracle of a small “ : After 45 years, his body had clear improvement, go to a hospital checking later again, it is normal that each index also restored, even the doctor Jing asks: Is “ you is medicine eating what good after all? ”

Reporter in rainbow bridge 10 thousand rich were resided a few days ago appoint can encounter Gong Laobai. Old gentleman although year even more seventy years of age, but bones and muscles is wonderful however, respecting is arisen, cannot help demonstrating one word of a “ to open ” or “ character 8 to open ” on the spot to us, movement extremely standard, the hand of the right hand points to or just can see some are inflexible, “ this is in those days kind the sequela of rheumatism. ”

Although the body became good, but Gong Laobai's habit was withheld however come down, “ arrives on metropolis practice half times every morning commonly a hour, it is round the school track runs on 45 rounds first, press on the edge again next press a leg, hit dozen of shadowboxing, pull pull ligament. ” begins neighbour people dare not believe, one wants immobile person, old now can make one word of “ open ” unexpectedly such movement!
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