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Hypertensive kinesiatrics encyclopedia
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Why kinesiatrics is oppositeHypertensiveis cure helpful? Because,this is after the appropriate motion of certain amount. The blood pressure of canvasser is met under quiet value. If hold to normative training for long. So the blood pressure when disciplinarian is quiet also can drop. Have document story, after the kinesiatrics of reasonable science. The systole of disciplinarian is pressed can drop on average 15 millimeter of 10 ~ are mercuric column, diastolic pressure drops on average 5—10 millimeter mercuric column.

To spending hypertension patient gently, step-down effect is OK even with medication photograph comparing. Have many case that spend hypertension gently really, the blood pressure after period of time trains in motion very stable. Need to keep blood pressure with medicaments no longer. Nevertheless. Such patient is in when encountering seasonal cold hot alternant change. Need notices blood pressure changes, did not use drug in case and cause adverse consequence. What above spends in be opposite is hypertensive. We emphasize medicationing is must. Kinesiatrics can serve as important and auxiliary therapeutics.

Athletic type

On foot its advantage dispute often goes to the lavatory, very comfortable at the operation. Be admitted easily. General person of 559 years old falls in good condition, minutely travel 60 paces, athletic 20—60 minute. Time cannot too short, also cannot too long. Conduce to the metabolization function that improves a heart and vessels so. We asked one day 1 times in the past, advocate the age to slant now the old people with big, younger constitution, can be whole exercise in a day cent is finished for a few. Notice a pose on foot. Hold even breath as far as possible.

Canter to run 25 minutes everyday above, every week at least 3 ~ 5. Generally speaking, canter the person with apply to youth, constitution nicer. Old people takes a walk already enough. When running, spirit wants to loosen, the ground wants evenness, shoe wants comfortable. Two tactics clenchs a fist, body nature is loosened, ran when breath also cannot too hurried.

Issue wet to move in the home by bike, but place ran, or wait with bicycle of mountain-climbing machine, place.

Shadowboxing shadowboxing is a first-rate motion. The United States has done a research, the personnel with two groups of similar cases, among them one group undertakes shadowboxing trains 0.5—1 after year. The balance sex that discovers them and prevent fall ability increases generally. And another group of people that did not join training were not changed apparently.

Chronic hypertensive patient wants to notice in motion, constant regular meeting perspires after motion. Sweat goes out muchBloodCan condense. Want to notice compensatory and corresponding moisture and salinity. We often are told with old pal, chinese boiled water is very good health care is tasted. Old people should drink water more, function of line of bowel of hematic fat on the high side, stomach needs metropolis improvement.
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