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Gentleman of booth of laurel of a surname of generation Wulin great master
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Mr Zhu Guiting (1892, 1977) renown moral character is new, word laurel wells balanced. Be born atHeibei provinceRen Qiu closes a village south prefectural Zhengzhou town the home of a comparatively well-off farmer. Practice martial arts of be current of place of period of clear minor details, annual Qiu Dong season, come from Heibei, Shandong, Henan, the wushu ace of Hubei and other places gathers Ren Qiu, set beat a drum to compare connecting with the boxing skill, place an argue, lively and extraordinary. The Zhu Guiting of childhood period gets environmental influence, establish next wanting that drill the lofty aspirations and great ideals with respect to a suit true competence. He has gone through hardships for many times to leave Hubei, Henan, Shanxi, Sichuan and other places, look for ace of a person of academic or artistic distinction, with great concentration does obeisance to Shi Xueyi. His youth period is perfectness a variety of Chinese boxing, yesLittle forest, Fierce is becomeWait for faction to have research quite, blame meaning of form of arrogate to oneself, the Eight Diagrams, too extremely, the form meaning of a surname division, the Eight Diagrams suffers course of study to be mixed at Li Cunyi, Liang Zhenfu, Zhang Zhankui, Sun Lutang, Jiang Yu early or late, Shang Yunxiang, Huang Bai year; Wu Dangjian law is benefit from benefit from Mr Li Jinglin; And too extremely suffer religion at Yang Chengfu, Yang Shaohou's Great Master. Gest of a surname division gets each a person of academic or artistic distinction greatly to remote really, can calls generation great master.
Body of a surname division is big and tall, appearance is majestic, disposition honest and frank, binocular sharp, zhu Shiyi is born to be course of study in order to teach a fist, life daily life is insipid and austere. During Nanjing awards a fist, the teacher lives home products road, move division lives for new building after, decorate in the home refined, the couplet that famous person sends a certain number of, the teacher likes calligraphy and painting, will several years review book of regular script in big characters as used in Chinese calligraphy exercises, do not drink not to smoke when aged division, indoor the head of a bed often hangs sword of name of spring of a dragon, terribly is sharp, can fold at the waist, the teacher ever brought back this sword Shanghai, cherish at " Culture Revolution " copy. Yang Chengfu a private assistant attending to legal died 1936, coffin returns home by Hangzhou, pass Nanjing riverside mouth, the teacher is gone to in person greet send, set a stage to grieve over, teacher of it serves to show is mixed to the respect of ancestors filial.
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