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Henan sends shadowboxing 64 type formulas put into verse
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Meaning of the lazy law that pitch the clothes tardy odd whip brandish gives a pace to follow move to carry high white crane of hand type Chao Tianwang is volant half inclined bully

Pace of cuddle genu one divides lute of valuable assistant brandish to be like exhibit a banner to move bar if seal,pace of the one that beat type is entered be like shut forward bully

Hold a tiger in the arms to push hill to lower his head to see a body make bottom of the lazy ancon that pitch the clothes sees a fist prevent ancon to fall to twist again monkey discharge pace is pushed

Inclined flying a kind of monkey mentioned in ancient literature undertakes crowded appearance of the stage on one pace lifted handle follows white crane volant beat by ancon of pace of one of dance cuddle genu on the spot

Volt body progress receives a needle to go lighten connects doubt of back crazy doubt to cast aside hill to be beaten look round discharge pace is moved bar beat a law to surprise

Type makes sheet of the end that pull sparrow flogs brandish gives pace reach hand to divide again on tall detective looks on Bai Yunchao Ma Shi general enemy greet

The left and right sides shows the foot changes way of foot of face about pedal more progress is grown beat turned over at 3 o'clock repeatedly cast aside beat beat a horizontal stroke

Continous of sparrow earthworm form soft answer a body to fly crural high above in the sky wraps around garment pedal foot toes step on like arrow face about the foot is like wind quickly continuously

The pace is moved on bar it is better to beat if seal,be like Bi Jinru bend to hold Hu Guishan in the arms to weigh skill type of the inclined whip that pull sheet is like an eagle

Inclined body of bronco cent hair on the neck of a pig relies on jade daughter to move back and forth whip of sheet of movement spirit work pulls open wind of type of at hand of equestrian type cloud to hang down plume

Golden pheasant carries a leg high to twist independently monkey soft loosen again end of Pan Long of type of left lifted handle of Shuang Feiyan of the inclined whip that pull sheet

White crane beats face about to pull sheet to flog strive for the impossible or illusory things beats type downward again by ancon of pace of one of genu of soft cuddle of volant body form

Crouch a body to sparkle push simian back hand to pull sparrow end to pull belt push twist pull open odd whip to wear Xiang Yunfei of apart both hands

Lion of horse of tall detective of the full moon that push a window shakes his head it is better that pace of one of genu of the double cuddle that place lotus is beaten build the garment to take a hand rub the shoulder leans

Whip of sheet of old ursine blocking the way establishs butterfly to turn over scud hand to put on travel issueing a cat the pace below 7 stars pace crosses Hu Liru mountain

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