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42 type too extremely sword contest covers road music of a song
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Preliminary type Preliminary type gives Xu Jingxin, hang stand at attention of body of very smooth shoulder, remind oneself to begin practice, perseverance everywhere every phenomenon is new.

1, case situation Horizontal stroke of type left foot opens a pace since, with the shoulder Tong Kuanjian protects a body, turn chatelaine arm looks for helix, heavy shoulder drops ancon rub one's palm along smooth out with the fingers squeezes interest;

Excessive: The sword gets a waist to turn Gong Bu points to, sit body double rub one's palm along smooth out with the fingers relies on lumbar result, add up to gimmick to be in pectoral backbone,

2, and the pace nods sword  and pace dot sword is carrying wrist, body suiting a situation wraps around 5 pieces of bend, have grandiose aims but puny abilities all is ill, around hides to unplugging among them.

3, gong Bu cuts sword  Gong Bu the inclined belt that cut a waist move, the sword takes over long Yiliming, the hand parts company close to change randomly, interest walks along helix stretch to become.

4, carry genu to break off a sword Bring a body to carry genu to follow situation turn, the sword since the hand falls thin leg is maintained, not Fu does not admire the body, right-and-left fluctuation main and collateral channels is connected.

5, left Gong Bu bars hip of waist of heavy body of  heavy wrist turns, hang a top to not stopping a bit personally, left foot is inclined Xiang Chenggong pace, chatelaine sword is divided to two tactics.

6, sword of chatelaine of  of hold up of different theory pace walks along hands or feet to close, turn chatelaine sword upgrade goes, from add up to empty pace hold up, before the forehead 3 fists do not let a person.

7, hold up of right bend pace Turn along with the waist for the axis with the shoulder, carry a pace to carry fraction of sword two tactics, bend stage outward appearance arrives into hold up sword, from bottom to top is hold up result.

8, carry genu to hold a sword in both hands Chatelaine sword takes or so case, degenerative press a sword not abstracted, the pace on heavy body is followed situation change, in carrying genu to hold sword meaning in both hands to defend.

9, to step on the thorn before sword of the pedal before  right leg is pricked before the foot, heavy shoulder drops ancon 頂 head is dangerous, every act heart first firm, in establishing a body articulatory pine.

10, jump  of pace smooth thorn jumps the pace makes the same score thorn first explore body, bend a body to leave add up to amid, not inertial decide at any time, indifferent equilibrium sees true result.

11,  of the thorn below face about turns chatelaine sword stretch is become, the Cang Jian below ancon half face about, the pace on take advantage of an opportunity is gadarene thorn, hands or feet arrives together just is true,

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