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Too extremely method of travel meritorious service
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Too extremely travel meritorious service, result in concoctive yin and yang, sex is perky, sit in meditation is kongfu of helper of the first pace namely.

Of travel meritorious service first, you Yingzhi is dirty, make empty of splanchnic Qing Dynasty, do not wear fecal, magical collect gas gets together, its breath self-regulated.

Say offer then, make yin and yang consensual, muddy is become like that too extremely elephant, carry all right again next everywhere kongfu.

Dark heart stand upright sits, breath consider carefully, absolutely passional, conservative true yuan, this heart result also.

Tailor-fashion music, sufficient follow to touch the gate of vitality closely, with solid energy spirit, this body work also.

Two tactics tightens door of side of attack by surprise, fold show the back plays ear root character, with evil influence of pool of dispel the wind, this result also.

Two tactics brushs a face to wait for its to heat up, more slant with saliva rub, in order to treat outside invade, this result also.

Two tactics presses helix, go up to chafe, with Qing Dynasty its fire, this ear result also.

Add up to its cilia closely, turn inside eyeball bead, or so each other goes, with bright god room, this eye result also.

Mouth of big Zhang Ji, with glossal agitate mouth, cry with the hand day of beat, heat up in order to treat its, this result also.

The tongue is touched palatine, body fluid is autogenous, of Gu Shuyan, with embellish inside its, this tongue result also.

Knock at tine 36, shut close tine to close, but collect yuan god, this tine result also.

Two tactics thumb brushs bazoo of hot to fold, the left and right sides 36, in order to press down among them, this bazoo result also.

Get visit result namely abstruse a key to do sth, still need heart sincerity, dark heart absolutely desire, do from the beginning, only then can rise stage by stage ascend, card realizes a highway. Immortal not old base, namely embryo hereat. If just get this shadowboxing law, not the secret of result of knowing and doing, take along buy is disregarded, make pills of immortality of this as good as does not extract drug, extract drug not make pills of immortality. Mo Dao cannot ascend immortal highway, namely outside kongfu, also cannot accomplish absolutely. Must result fist is experienced, lid result is belonged to soft and the fist is belonged to firm, the fist is belonged to move and result belong to static, aid of firm soft each other, activity alternate with, only then into too extremely elephant, coordinate, square sufficient send with. This practice shadowboxing person need prophet goes so the magical function of result, travel meritorious service person need so Xian Mingtai extremely fine line also.

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