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Shadowboxing pesters a talking of essence of life! ! !
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Shadowboxing, law pestering silk also. Into tangle, retreat tangle, the left and right sides tangles, tangle up and down, inside and outside tangles, size tangles, suitable go against tangle. And should is it possible that bring namely tangle namely, enter namely tangle namely. Cannot be each each, if each are each, each other of blame yin and yang is its root also. Common people does not know to all look for soft hand. Be one outside inspect all evidence also. Be like what talk with verve, fight hand to hand during, firm soft use, comfortable among them, blame is long the person that at its, cannot clear its inside information. Below two shoulders pine, two ancon sink, if show is maiden, see if fierce tiger is downhill,the person shops, hand balance weighs matter and know its weight namely, the path of shadow boxing has balance oneself in my hearts, the because of emergency of his advance and retreat spirit that drills with my element, those who face is aeriform balance also. With the evidence with aeriform balance tangible advantageous position, appropriate light appropriate is heavy and with two tactics consider, comfortable Dejidangsi had better hand.

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