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Sun shadowboxing lecture notes
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The purpose of experienced fist, main for health, want to maintain health, must make the Chang Wangcheng of energy spirit nerve inside human body abundant, in other words, want an epochmaking inside human body to enrage blood namely, handle have enough to meet need, fluent 100 body, developed adequately nutrition and guard a function. After the ancients thinks people had food, through aerification action, extracted among them elite, supply systemic organization in the round next, assured the health of human body, if gas blood runs suffocate suffocate, the function is insufficient, want to produce a disease, cannot get the supply of gas blood like cuticular skin, can produce coma, do not know an importance, or old backwater is illogical, be retarded by silt inside the muscle at any one place, be about to give birth to scab to give birth to sore. The gas blood inside human body is so circumfluent do not cease, make the physiology activity of fur flesh and blood often stabilizes a balance, fall ill not easily. Gas blood and spirit have affinity, gas blood is withered little or gas blood be retarded by silt, can cause expression absentminded, verbal and wrong wait for a disease, reason gas blood is insufficient, must adopt the method such as tone breath filling gas, will strengthen function of activity of human body physiology, deep-felt understanding enrages the ancients blood is material of the epochmaking inside human body, gas blood is correlation, coordinate the main material that will maintain health jointly each other, if had had with not as good as and lose stability and balance, be about to bring about disease, cause the death that life cannot rescue even. CreationShadowboxingpurpose, the tone breath that asks gas blood is gentle and pleasant namely fills air means.

  is experiencedShadowboxingrequirement purpose, since be given priority to in order to enrage hematic moving unobstructed, the ancients is in long-term life practice, pass observation, experience, analysis, to the phenomenon of nature and change, had certain knowledge, grasped definite pattern, because this created thisShadowboxingPlant, follow historical development again, through the earnestly practise what one advocates of lots and lots of renown division, only then can change the ground very scientificly to distinguish administrative levels, chase a layer to exercise the function that will strengthen human body. The explains ground floor to drill essence of life spends energy of life reason according to Mr. Sun Lutang, I have the following experience, talk now come out to ask everybody to be the same as good research point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.

  is in physiology respect, rectify the composition of individual body, will tell with an adult, if his weight is 50 kilograms word, having 30 kilograms at least so is water (of ancient person for essence of life, i.e. is the 6 fluid of human body, 1 tear is liver fluid, 2 sweat are heart fluid, 3 saliva are lienal fluid, 4 tears are lobar fluid, 5 be addicted to are kidney fluid, the essence that 6 ferry are kidney fluid) what effect did water have after all in human body?
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