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The manage of shadowboxing and gas and empty and fact
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Shadowboxing " 13 situation song " medium " the body that be like character allows with He Wei, personal feeling gentleman comes official of flesh and blood " sentence, made clear us to drill shadowboxing comes true " lengthen life delay year not Laochun " purpose. Drill in vain otherwise flesh of bones and muscles, as good as is planted at fist of the home outside experienced other, "Too with vigour eventually difficult make inquires " .
Magic art of shadowboxing manage essence is fine, consecution make a detailed analysis, the article tries to drill why boxing wearing drills " personal feeling " the problem spreads out discuss. The author is not put dilettante, him basis drills for years boxing experience and academic to classic shadowboxing recognition, try Tan Yikong see, meaning in cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, it is good at be the same as to discuss, ask for advice at square home.
" heart of meritorious service of 13 situation travel solves " in say: "Personal feeling page is changed cleverly, have the interest of round work therefore, alleged and fluctuant false or true also " . This contacts shadowboxing personal feeling, round work, false or true closely together, but if we press our,the order of the statement understands causal, namely only personal feeling is changed cleverly, ability has the interest of round work, ability does good false or true to change, so go very hard in the practice of experienced fist cleverly? Make with respect to have no way, besides " shadowboxing is talked " in set clearly still " systemic meaning is in spirit, enraging, take in gas " . The author thinks correctly understanding should be: Only serious when experienced shadowboxing ground has handled the interest with lively circle of the generation in every fist process, bring then move inside gas, of false or true-the actual situation of made the situation that follow a fist fluctuant and " change cleverly " . That is to say first with right appearance movement, photograph of such inside and outside complementary photograph bear circulate to manage. Forbid to see experienced shadowboxing drills " personal feeling gentleman comes " the false or true when a key handles good shadowboxing correctly to act to wear namely is fluctuant.
" shadowboxing talks " point out: "Appropriate of false or true distinguishs Hunan, one place has one to handle false or true-the actual situation oneself, everywhere always this one false or true " . What this says " cent is clear " should not do merely " resolution " solution, more important should do " allocate " " adjust " solution; More important should do " cent is clear " should not do merely " resolution " solution, more important should do " allocate " " adjust " solution; The least bit that needs otherwise erroneous with a thousand li also! Just think, the false or true of shadowboxing changes is not to make what the person knows inside move, say shadowboxing jumps over the person that practice jumps over essence of life again, false or true is fluctuant especially essence of life is tiny, differentiate very hard in others its false or true changes. This kind changes a concealed at inside and do not show at outside. Be in from already each place with respect to limbs, where be, where be solid, where should turn by empty along with boxing situation change solid, where be solid, by solid turn empty, and how much should the deal of false or true be, it is clear in the heart. Of course shadowboxing of begin to learn is unplugging wearing the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am to should be not talked additionally. This gives the weight of the object to be like the balance just like one steelyard, make the weight of the weight of the object and counterbalance, this has been handled namely light with heavy namely empty and real concern. Alleged " Li Ruping is accurate " namely this meaning.
Often wear according to Chen shadowboxing mix all the way a humerus one situation it is easily exemple, back down when left leg turn by empty gradually real time. Left hand is coordinated to it go against backward tangle gradually by solid turn empty, at the same time right leg falls in not mobile circumstance by solid turn gradually for solid, such making that the body poises from beginning to end in motion, show shadowboxing to prop up 8 to be plunged into firmly and agile characteristic, avoided to lean to one side " slant heavy " live with out of round " double " ill. Here is OK figure ground is the place Yu Zhi of limbs empty the one aspect of the matter of the counterbalance (empty blame is devoid, the sliding weight of a steelyard also is have particular weight) , the one aspect of the matter that the place limbs fact regards metage object as (real blame stands like that, object weight is finite spend) .
Shadowboxing the special training manner with this kind of slow start, the in a sense is told, give person classics namely enough spatio-temporal, make a person be expert at result go the evenly ceaseless limbs that finish is not broken when wearing the changeover of false or true of each place, and amid is deepened experience. When the level with drill certain, the changeover of false or true can read aloud at will and move finish in the instant. Often wear according to Chen shadowboxing all the way in before the fist sends force, left hand is afore solid, left leg is empty, the right hand holds curl labor after at empty is between right waist, right leg is solid, turn by empty for empty in the instantaneous left leg of force of hair giving a fist solid, left hand by solid turn empty, (send ancon to back) , right leg by solid change empty, right fist becomes solid by empty, fist of power follow in a continuous line is carried on the back. The force pine that behaved place hair already so is played alive tremble, because send force,be not sent again and lose a balance or appear intermittent. We can see above this kind of fluctuant empty and fact are the limbs that answers relatively should empty or should solid, this also calls photograph of yin and yang aid probably.
Write down when us ripe too extremely wear practice to arrive after certain level, should act carefully at false or true change be told in boxing song namely " beard of commutation false or true is advertent " .
Above all by human body headquarters -- cerebrum, wear metabolic requirement according to the fist ceaselessly, to the hub before fluctuant empty -- lumbar border, issue idea information, lumbar border passes idea information again, be absorbed in comes at limbs 4 tips. This namely boxing manage is so called " giving kidney to enter kidney is true bid farewell " , solid drilling the travel in the fist guides therefore the art that make also! So diligent with the passing of time, meaning is not angry, gas is self-invited, do not aid do not forget, natural conference appears " two kidney are heated up like soup, bladder seems baked wheaten cake, true energy of life self-sufficient " phenomenon.
Chen Xin of generation great master is written in its " shadowboxing red chart " in say: "Protean, difficult draw its form. Gas does not leave put in order, one character can use up. Suit false or true-the actual situation, it is boxing classics namely. Forcibly with the passing of time, suddenly see the whole thing in a clear light... . " when we are learning experienced shadowboxing, must comprehend fist manages, the manage that use a fist coachs experienced fist is carried out, in the practice of experienced fist fist of test and verify manages. Manage to avoid to misunderstand a fist, go less or do not take roundabout way, often must consult to bright division. Such loop unceasingly boxing art day attain, can achieve oneself " personal feeling gentleman comes official of flesh and blood " state.