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Shadowboxing is a science -- the historical inevitability that locates by shadow
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Shadowboxing is the Chinese nation part of a of bright culture important composition, also be civilized to the mankind one large contribution. Shadowboxing hair results from China, form at China, it is experienced by our ancestor intention, with wisdom comprehend, with body perception, with word account, generation generation be used to is experienced, generation generation is summed up, run in the family till today. Come hundreds years, it makes descendants strong, health of body and mind, those who let whole nation system realize it is broad and profound. It regards the Chinese nation as the crystallization of wisdom, had made part of a of ethical culture important composition. Today, the pride that taking a nation and proud, shadowboxing had walked out of a country the door, got the welcome of each country people, got the world approbate, it is using its glamour conquer world, this is civilized to the mankind one large contribution.

Limit the scientific position of shadowboxing objectively, what had made historical progress is inevitable. The times is in progress, science and technology is developing. In the times that a such science and technology progress, lots and lots of the explanation that objective existence received science and test and verify. To shadowboxing, behoove is such. Because, if do not try to locate to its from scientific point of view, analysis of wrong among them scientific content is arranged, incorrect among them each course development studies, incorrect the phenomenon that its produce makes the explanation with science, with respect to all sorts of phenomena of indecipherable shadowboxing, cannot from announce an its essence rule, cannot announce its broad and profound connotation, and the development of shadowboxing of certainly will influence. Notable is, investment of on the world a few nations is at present huge endowment, developed research to shadowboxing. As the progress of research, its science sex is gotten affirm gradually. In a few developed countries, shadowboxing has been included medical category, become the branch in medicine, be named to be " replace medicine " , meaning be in through fitness of shadowboxing strong put oneself in another's position, precaution checks the occurrence of the disease, treat a method in order to replace traditional medicine. So, we must try to take seriously to this, if our ignore this problem, be sure to be washed out by times and historical place. In those days, the originate ground that serves as shadowboxing and send a person, we not only ashamed to the ancestor, also ashamed to offspring.

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