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Yang Lou buddhist too extremely carry put cast shoot craft where to today? - - s
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Chen Wei bright " shadowboxing art " account, classics of experience of shadowboxing skill of the home inside Zhang Sanfeng yuan, Mr Chen grows Ming Zhiqing south Dai Chuanhe promote. At the beginning of 19 centuries, "Long promote give person tens of people, mr An Pingyang shows buddhist, renown Fu Kui, bend endowment from learn. House number carries, with with the door all people relatively, always is lost. Occasionally night rises, hear lie between wall to have voice, yue Yuan, see wide mansion is counted, broken window is unoccupied place those who peep, its division is being indicated promote put skill, big Jing. Then every night is stolen surely toward, for a long time, all get its secret, concealed nots character. Long promote in order to show buddhist honesty, a day of call together gives its idea, place character all without exception is comprehended. Grow those who begin surprise, call Zhu Tu says: ' admire award Er, er cannot be gotten, yang Sheng dangers the day is awarded, be not you to wait can reach also. ' after faint, with the horn that be the same as the door, all without exception drops a beyond of a unit of length. All without exception drops a beyond of a unit of length..

Between clear Chao Xianfeng, of the same age, yang Lou buddhist goes to Beijing to start school of Zhang Sanfeng shadowboxing, with the person relatively ability, periphery of v/arc drill ground is grandiose column net, show a Buddhist monk to cast opponent often, shoot be captured on. Chancellery of princes and dukes of language of 龢 of Weng Tong of the teacher of smooth mood emperor, great scholar says:

"Yang Jin retreats amazingly quick, false or true not is measured, be like simian a kind of monkey mentioned in ancient literature personally, the hand is like dribble, extremely Judaic muddy yuan an organic whole also. " immediately inscribe couplet sentence give, couplet sentence say: "The hand is held in both hands too extremely shake annulus eaves, bosom stunt is pressed group flower. " from now on, shadowboxing name only then to be decided greatly. Before this, call 8493 situation of piece of 3 abundant to grow a fist (by: Dong Haichuan Ceng Yuyang shows buddhist relatively ability, palm of its the Eight Diagrams also right now denominate) . Novel of Gong Baiyu's knight-errant " steal a fist " (in October 1940 Tianjin China publication ministry first edition is issued, press of Shanghai severe force reprinted 1947, press of boreal Yue Wenyi in October 1992 the 1st edition) and from this the film that the book adapts " divine beg " , it is a basis afore-mentioned Yang Lou zen art open the material of the clique with Beijing division and of elaborate.

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