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Dong Yingjie shadowboxing often considers comment
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1, too extremely person, without extremely and unripe, the mother of yin and yang also

Do not move to not have extremely, already moved for too extremely, without extremely unripe too extremely. Too extremely cent yin and yang, by every phenomenon of change of historical novel of yin and yang also.

2, a component that use, static close

Fan Liantai extremely, intention distributes limb easily. Too extremely unripe two appearance, 4 elephants, the Eight Diagrams, 9 palace, namely Peng rub one's palm along smooth out with the fingers is decided in armrest of the crowded 挒 that press 採 also. Static return this deoxidize, revert is not had extremely, mind syncretic, all over the body is empty, have a contact a bit namely can conscious.

3, had not had not as good as, extend along with music

Drill the fist is opposite no matter enemy, not pass not not as good as, over- with all break ear of centre of gravity not as good as. Be like enemy will attack me to arrange melt into music, music person curved also. Be like enemy will attack not show off is about to retreat, when I am retreated along with those, extend, the person that extend moves to send interest also. Have very ill will too, have the disadvantage that lose not as good as. Cannot follow Qu Weizhi to fight, cannot extend those who call from. Write down sincerely lose a top to fight what leave 4 disease and go. Result to keep sb at arm's length, square can conveniently is fortunately, apply freely.

4, the person is strong I am soft those who call go, what I arrange person back to call is sticky

Be opposite with the person enemy, exert oneself like the other side upright and outspoken, criterion I use soft hand to build, tangle to go up in those interest closely. Can put can long, the other side is appetent it is very difficult to fall. For example those goes out energetically, I am followed stick its artifice in the future to sit personally, but the hand still is built closely do not leave, receive those who turn half rounds to call to go toward the bosom. Go to change, in order to turn its power. To its Zun Fang stretchs his hand make enemy sideways is not capable, criterion I am suitable, the person is a back. Sticking indispose goes also.

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