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Yang too extremely lever (gun)
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One, Yang Shitai extremely lever overview

Yang Shitai extremely lever, also say too extremely gun. As it is said, what Home Yang drills originally is too great gun, because from a child of Yang Ban Hou is bellicose, its mother is afraid that he gets into trouble, drop gun head strip, turn into from now on too extremely lever, lever law is marksmanship. Actually, gun since lever, lever since gun, install a head to be a gun already, go the head is lever. But later generations enhances work force and exercise to attack with shaking lever, sticky lever more prevent, so too extremely a kind of when lever also becomes Yang Jiachuang to build special apparatus. In concerned composing and formulas put into verse, the name of lever and gun is used. Have a kind of view additionally, lever law includes marksmanship and halberd method, mount gun head is a gun namely, mount halberd head is halberd, after seeing, narrate. Or character too extremely staff also says " too extremely rod " , like that with normally concept, the rod is shorter, two end are relatively symmetrical, with lever not kind, usage also has not.

Too extremely the material of lever is qualitative, with Bai Lamu maker is beautiful, sexual pliable but strong and solid, flexibility is good, long with can send amaranthine glorious, so too extremely staff also says " Bai Lagan " . Fine end is lever head, thick end (the one end that the hand holds) the end that it is lever. Should choose difference of degree of finish of end of straightforward, head as far as possible not quite person. The length of lever, regular for 7 feet 5 inches, yi Ke inspects individual circumstance increase and decrease. Work force overmatch, can wave the pole of above of two a unit of length. The pole with best according to legend, had grown a unit of length 3, two didymous, 3 feet do not have bottom section, 3 feet above is all bud section all yin and yang is symmetrical. This kind of product today infrequent already.

Too extremely the experienced law of lever, divide one-off result method and two-men to be opposite experienced law two kinds. One-off result method, the basiccest is " " shake lever, or say " tie staff " , " disclose lever " . Yang Chengfu " shadowboxing use law " be passed, only 2 type, one Shuo is buckled, want to send interest. The rigidity of requirement the whole body amounts to lever head, those who give out is strong, make lever body rises from the rear, shake continuously to lever head. The analogy says someone, powerful force " be just as mercuric outfit at the canal in, hair can come head, close can come end " . Work force is powerful, can shake appliance of close body of the other side, or the other side gun of the belt that connect a person forces outside giving measure. Too extremely the two-men of lever is right experienced law, also say " sticky lever " , " tie staff " , " pester a gun " etc. Main exercise sticks sticky interest, for the base that lever law uses. Cent " two-men makes the same score round sticky lever " " two-men establishs round sticky lever " , " two-men lively pace is touched sticky 4 lever " , " two-men lively pace is touched sticky 13 lever " etc, two-men is attacked each other with pole prevent, each other sends each other to change, continuous, of similar shadowboxing push a hand to come loose the hand practices. Sticky staff time practices healing deep, two lever encounter circle heals small, two lever are contacted, be without sound. Kongfu is shallow person, criterion ring is big, and have edge, two lever often have attack phonic.

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