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Guangdong saves next month of traditional wushu tounament to be held in Shan
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: On July 5, 2008 Hits: [font: Small big]

Report from our correspondent kicks off to receive Beijing Olympic Games, guangdong saves traditional wushu tounament will in August 5 hold in Shan head to 7 days, save ace of each city fierce forest to will gather completely at the appointed time at  city, with Wu Huiyou, communication study, the arrival that is Beijing Olympic Games pulls open a congratulatory congress. Current, the giant team of the 449 people that by Shan head benefit strong wushu house expedites is entering insecurity to prepare for war in order in.

As we have learned, the picked troops that by Shan head benefit strong wushu house expedites is strong at city current and main concentration Lin Baixin can exhibit a center 2 houses and edifice of long smooth Lu Yinhui house of 4 buildings fierce, undertake insecurity and systematic training, play the game this have long fist, south rod of fist, shadowboxing, double section and of all kinds appliance, house of golden arenaceous fierce also has corresponding training job at the same time, strive to obtain better result in the match, display a largesse for Beijing Olympic Games, for win honour for of city of head of Guangdong province, Shan.

It is reported, august during match of Beijing Olympic Games, will establish international to compare fierce congress at the same time, lin Haojie of fierce of each country of the whole world when arriving will collect, with Wu Huiyou, cheer boost the morale of for Beijing Olympic Games. Tounament of wushu of Guangdong province tradition opens hit game since this in Shan head wushu demonstrates greatly, also be the tribute that regards Beijing as the Olympic Games, the sense is very great. (Lin Feng)

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