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Japanese Ambassador to visit Nanjing and the public to chat about tai chi
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21 am, a friendly visit in Nanjing, Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Niwa buildings early in the morning and went into the most ordinary citizens of Nanjing, make friendly exchanges. Niwa buildings under the Koizumi came to Nanjing Ming city wall with the exchange of shadow boxing with the old man's experience. Said he is also the "shadow boxing" and "fans." Morning in the Xuanwu Lake and the Chinese side of Granny homely chatter together. He asked the interest of the old woman who "why morning exercise to be more women than men." This old woman who lived hard, the ambassador added: "This is the same as in Japan, men are to smoking, drinking, doing unhealthy things, women are doing something healthy, so you look very young. "ambassador of fun old woman who has won the favor. Looking at the similar age with their own citizens of Nanjing. Ambassador even jokingly asked, "Do I look more like Chinese." Ambassador of the friendly win live rounds of laughter. 20, Niwa Yu as the new Japanese Ambassador Ichiro arrived in Nanjing on a three-day official visit. Up to 13 of the dozens of Japanese media and Chinese media's "Changqiangduanbao" Ambassador of the line followed closely. Here, the old lady who communicate with the Ambassador, says: "Ambassador did not let us nervous, we journalists are shot Daorang nervous." Ambassador has just announced the arrival in Nanjing, Nanjing ordinary people want to communicate. So today is the most important first trip communication with the general public. Ambassador said: "According to the survey, many Japanese do not like the Chinese, and Chinese people as well. It is because we do not know each other. I hope that through their own efforts, to promote friendly exchanges between the two peoples." Communicate with the public the process, he kept telling everyone, every year, held in Nanjing "Japanese Culture Week" I hope we can learn more about Japan. Subsequently, Niwa Yu Koizumi also came to the Nanjing Foreign Language School, with school students of the exchange. Some students asked the Ambassador, why it came into the study of law Itochu. Ambassador answered quite frankly, "the study of law was simply to find a good job. Nothing more." While emphasizing the work of learning is very important for their growth. For some students suggested that many years of studying in the U.S. Ambassador to the students going abroad can not give some suggestions. Ambassador said: "study abroad, allowing you a more objective view of their country, so that their broader vision, it should encourage people to have the opportunity to go out, for the high costs of studying abroad, Ambassador suggest that you can work and access to scholarships, rather than spending their parents money. "