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Fiji training course organized by the closure of the Chinese Tai Chi
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With melodious soothing light music, more than 50 Tai Chi practitioners, 29 in City Hall auditorium in the capital, Suva, Fiji, the results of their practicing Tai Chi in China Fiji training course organized by the ends. Tai Chi Training Course in China Fiji government should demand full support by the Chinese side a host of bilateral cultural exchange programs. September 15, Fiji Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama launched training course, called for civil servants and the public to take part in Tai Chi practitioners of different frequencies. More than 2 months, the Chinese Wushu Association, Professor under the careful coaching Xu Xiangdong, including many ethnic Chinese in Fiji, including the active participation of more than 500 practicing tai chi enthusiasts, for Tai Chi into the first of its kind in Fiji. At the graduation ceremony, 18 people were awarded the "outstanding practitioners," the title and awarded the certificate. Mr Hon Chinese Ambassador to Fiji training course graduation ceremony in his speech pointed out that this activity is the development of bilateral relations in Fiji witness. Establishment of diplomatic ties 35 years ago, bilateral relations have strengthened, not only in political and economic and trade cooperation is also reflected in other areas of cultural and sports exchanges, I believe that such activities will be more and more, broader prospects for the development of bilateral relations. Fiji to send education officials Waqiabaka thanks to Fiji to teach tai chi good coach, said that not only benefit the Fijian people's physical health, but also make people more aware of Chinese culture advocates harmony. He said the Fiji Government will continue to promote Tai Chi in the rest of the country campaign to promote the Fiji-China relations to a new height.