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Tai Chi for the elderly community residents warm
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Days of dawn every morning, Shushan District Court, the residents of forest sinks can see a gray-haired old man with a group of people doing tai chi, one by one and rather archaic. Led the field and 82 years old uncle, talking about his 5-year obligations of residents, Professor Tai Chi this and everyone kept praise. 5 years ago, one day, homebound uncle fields at home in the district where Liuwan time to see the community run tai chi courses to notice, he flew to the spirit, the first time signed up. Several training down, he not only learned the simple moves, but also made many new friends, "than at home watching TV much more interesting!" Since then, his passion for boxing more, and also went to the bookstore and bought the related special books, practice new moves. Other old people see the field training enthusiastically uncle, also move the heart, have him study with a teacher. Tian uncle with a few enthusiastic partners in the area near the old park put a driving range, practice together every morning, and gradually more and more people are attracted, the team from the first few people to hundreds of people now . Once chatted, Liu Tin district learned that Grandma Grandpa died because his wife, suffering from depression and refused to communicate with others, and even she pay any attention to their children. He wondered if the old lady go on like this, sooner or later crash, and quickly invited her to participate in tai chi home team, life and death do not want to be Granny Liu. Tin uncle had come looking for her every day, again and again, the old lady really fail to beat, had agreed. A year later, Liu grandmother knew well of depression, and personality gradually brightened.