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Martial Arts Masters Chinas Yang Tai Chi Chuan authentic descendant of the fift
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Mr. Cui Zhongsan is authentic descendant of the fifth generation of Yang Tai Chi Chuan. Born in Beijing in 1948, Tai Chi family. 4 practicing his grandfather since the age of the traditional Yang style Taijiquan. Grandfather, Mr. Cui Yitu is the generation of Yang Tai Chi Chuan Disciple of Master Yang Chengfu of entry, is the Yang style Tai Chi in Beijing, the main representative of one of the most respected, highly skilled. Enjoy the North Cuinan Fu (Zhong Wen) reputation. Mr. Cui Zhongsan adhering to the well-known, strict grandfather taught in complete control of Taijiquan, weapons and push hands, won the grandfather teachings. Inherited his grandfather fist fight generous stretch, even slow and soft, ethereal calm, hardness and softness, is intended to One of the style, the Queen of the Beijing Yang Tai Chi people. The first time since 1957 by the Beijing Youth Champion from tai chi, tai chi has participated in competitions of all sizes in 1960, Beijing Youth Amateur Martial Arts School was selected School training. Same year by the Beijing Wushu Competition Taiji champion, Rod Cup again the following year. 1982 Beijing Games Taijiquan sixth runner-up in 1985 for a two consecutive terms in 1986 by the Beijing Wushu Competition Taiji champion, the national labor movement in 1985, will perform the opening ceremony tai chi sword, chief coach 1986 by the National Tai Chi sword, Tai Chi sword competition runner-up and the Beijing team coach. 1990 Asian Games opening ceremony of the eleventh day Taijiquan in the Lower East Side the implementation of any head coach, 1995 to 1997, the General Assembly for three consecutive world practice Tai Chi Yang Tai Chi instructors and any deputy chief mentor. As the seventh, the first Republic of China National Games Wushu eight community referee. Has participated in the Chinese Wushu Institute on Tai Chi, Pushing Hands Competition Rules discussion and preparation. Tai Chi instructor repeatedly won the title of Excellent. Tai Chi for many years to promote dissemination of hard work and achieved encouraging results: disciple of Tai Chi Chuan Yuan Jianrong obtained from the National University Games champion Li Muze repeatedly won the Beijing Wushu Competition Taiji, sword tai chi sword, won the national championship and the fifth game, his disciples actually Zhang Bo, Wang Zhonghua, Mirui (United States) and other times at the 1996 World Conference of Tai Chi practice Taijiquan Competition won three gold, one silver and one bronze Results in the same year obtained a martial arts competition in Beijing six gold, one silver and three bronze medals. In recent years, and the Wuhan University of Technology, Beijing University, Qinghua University and other institutions of higher learning martial arts talent transportation. Twenty years have been to more than ten countries and regions from the foreign guests to teach tai chi, and twice in Tokyo, Japan Taijiquan Association be invited by the Beijing Foreign Friendship Association delegation to visit Japan teaching Tai Chi exercises.