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Tangshan Handan City China Tai Chi Tai Chi players won the gold medal Summit
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Recently, Chen Style Taijiquan of Tangshan City, the composition of teams will participate in Yongnian County in Handan City, Handan, China, Tai Chi hosted summit, won 1 gold and 3 bronze medals. Tangshan City player Sun Hongwei won the men's Gold Medal in Chen Style Tai Chi B, Li won the men's bronze medal Chen Style Group B, Wang Zhijiang won the men's bronze medal Chen Style C group, Zhi-Jie Li won the men's bronze Chen Style C group Award. According to reports, the event October 10 to 12 held, divided into Yang, Chen, Wu style, Wu style, Sun style Tai Chi 5 major sects traditional routines and swords, knives, rods, equipment and other Tai Chi fan Do a total of 36 awards, 7 More than 00 players participate in the competition, which awards more than 400 players. During the meeting, colleagues and friends at home and abroad tai chi, tai chi teacher and experts and professors, in Tai Chi health, fitness and sports, and many other theoretical innovations and breakthroughs achieved; the majority of athletes competing for the stage, all were heroic Demonstrate the smooth writing, fantastic arts tai chi, tai chi is fully demonstrated the charm, the wisdom of Tai Chi has been wonderful cultural interpretation.