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Divine Spirit of Tai Chi Kwong House Exhibition 2010 Tai Chi Yongnian Handan Chi
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"Tai Chi Yongnian Handan China Summit 2010" on October 10 to 12 in Yongnian County, Hebei Province, held in Guangzhou city government. Tai chi enthusiasts and friends at home and abroad gathered in Cantonese, Lovers event. Tai Chi for the good service the summit, Yongnian County Weather Bureau after receiving the order, immediately held a special meeting to set up a leading group, developed a thorough program of meteorological services, task decomposition, requiring groups to closely monitor the weather service weather, best to Tai Chi went to the summit for the service.

Starting from October 1, Yongnian County, Bureau of Meteorology weather forecasts for each day the latest information through the SMS platform, electronic display boards, etc., and is making special weather forecasting materials provided to the county government and Tai Chi Organizing Committee.

According to October 9, Handan City weather forecast, the opening day of the summit on the 10th day of Tai Chi will be light rain. In order to ensure the smooth conduct of the opening ceremony, Yongnian County, Handan City Meteorological Observatory for immediate consultation with, and make fine forecast. At 17:00 on the 9th, Hou Yan-Lin County Meteorological Bureau forecast with the latest knock on the door of the office of the county led to the magistrate the next day's weather report, and handed a weather service emergency plan.

At the same time, Yongnian County, Bureau of Meteorology weather services launched emergency plans summit Tai Chi, meteorological services group and the shadows in place all security groups to closely monitor the weather, forecast to increase frequency, and do well in weather operations fully prepared. At 6:00 on the 10th, County Meteorological Bureau sent people to the active site to carry out services. Changeable weather, tugging at the heart of all service personnel ... ...

Autumn is only a small episode. In the evening, the sky clouds faded. At 20:00 on the 10th, Cantonese bright city lights, has become a sea of joy, the opening ceremony special Tai Chi masters, performing arts celebrities perform on stage, "charm Cantonese" large-scale scenarios ancient cultural performances will Cantonese culture and contemporary history vividly presented.

During the event, Yongnian County, Bureau of Meteorology issued a total of 3 special meteorological services, materials, sending SMS 320 times weather to ensure that the 2010 Tai Chi Yongnian Handan China summit a success.

The summit from the Handan Municipal People's Government of Hebei Province Sports Council, Yongnian County People's Government, Handan Municipal Sports Bureau, Cantonese ecological and cultural park management contractor, is a high level, high-impact cultural and sports event. Summit as a platform for traditional Tai Chi, Tai Chi masters as the carrier in order to strengthen the General Assembly of the academic, and counseling of high-end, display of traditional culture and modern civilization, a new image of each other, enhance tourism brand Yongnian Tai Chi, good and promotion of cultural tourism rapid development.