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Chen Youjing: Walk out of Home Chen channel too extremely person
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Chen Youjing (before) guide everybody to hit shadowboxing.

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Everyday early morning or dusk, in square of king of guest of justice black city a corner, always be a flock of active shadowboxing lover. That leading middleaged person, the movement is soft be like spring breeze, if take off hare,move, earned those who surround the person that watch blast blast acclaim. This shadow boxing person not be others, the 19th generation passes the Chen shadowboxing that comes from Henan to save channel of lukewarm county Chen Jia just about the son of Chen Qingzhou of Great Master of person, contemporary shadowboxing, home Chen channel " Qing Zhouwu house " the bishop is experienced---Chen Youjing.

Channel of Chen Jia of lukewarm county of   Henan is our country's famous Chenshi shadowboxing birthplace. Father Chen Qingzhou of Chen Youjing is home is famous too extremely great master, already was sent 14 years to go to the United States to impart by national sports section continuously shadowboxing law, become Clinton's good friend, by American praise for " the Sino-US friendship ambassador that pummel gives " .

The lot of the home and one justice black person began   Chen Youjing 5 years ago. Home Chen shares 5 sibling, 2002, in father Chen Qingzhou advocate below, brotherly sisters join forces open with imparting shadowboxing law gives priority to " Qing Zhouwu house " , run this fierce shop prosperously. On the contest of international shadowboxing annual meeting that holds in biennially, no matter be the lightweight of many kilograms of 50 class or many kilograms of 80 heavyweight of class, always have come from " Qing Zhouwu house " student gains the championship. For this, "Qing Zhouwu house " the reputation at the summit of one's power that is in place. The Jin Xiang of wushu teacher Gong of 3 school hears stiff town of justice black city " Qing Zhouwu house " after the name, drive designedly go to Home Chen channel, do obeisance to Chen Qingzhou, Chen Youjing to wait for division, with great concentration learned to remove Chenshi shadowboxing law. After Gong Jinxiang learns to answer justice black, the justice black person that one approve another batch is driven go to Home Chen channel, to " Qing Zhouwu house " learn art.

  comes 5 many years, the justice black person that has learned shadowboxing to Home Chen channel already amounted to 100 much people. Common saying says well, want to learn shadowboxing, beard classics " 3 winters 3 summer, just wear into the fist " . For this, many justice black people manage to find time every year even Home Chen channel " melt down " . Last year in October, lover of justice black shadowboxing Mr Fan Yingbin learns a fist in Home Chen channel when, to confide of teacher Chen Youjing learn boxing inconvenience to Henan, if organic meeting thinks of the aspirations that justice black will come to to coach,ask him. Unexpectedly, chen Youjing agreed readily.
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