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Yearn for booth of laurel of teacher a surname
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On July 26, 2007, it is famous wushu everybody birthday of Mr Zhu Guiting 115 anniversary day.

Zhu Gonggui wells balanced (1892 - 1977) , word moral character is new, be born in Heibei to save Ren Qiu the county not closes a village south city town family of a farmer. His figure is big and tall and slender, appearance majesty is dignified, disposition bold and unconstrained is generous, enrage eaves dignified. When the teenager, perfectness already little forest the skill in wushu such as long fist, faction waits to have research quite when Chinese boxing to fierce after, be good at form meaning, the Eight Diagrams especially, too extremely, early or late division justs from Li Cunyi, Liang Zhenpu, Li Jinglin, Yangcheng wait for thumb. Year square 20, already renown raise Wu Lin.

Of a surname gentleman too extremely, form meaning, the Eight Diagrams, Wu Dangjian law gets job the figure of great master level at that time, increase gift of a surname gentleman bright, comprehend by analogy, acrobatics diligence is assiduous, compare fierce compare notes ceaselessly, accumulated rich actual combat experience. Zhushi performs publicly 3 close to be become to knife, fierce beat to sword, mixed pattern, sword of form of palm of the Eight Diagrams, dragon, push a hand to wait, raise one's hand is cast sufficient between especially light spirit is swift and violent, efficient, aid of firm soft posture, change is boundless. Watch the drill of a surname division, picket is like tiger crouch, be like You Long personally, free and easy and accord with custom, personal feeling freely sweeps the world, the essence of wushu, inside domestic verve, amid of all without exception also, having a unique style of it may be said, become a system oneself.

After new China holds water, zhu Gong settles to Shanghai from Nanjing change, shanghai of it may be said and even whole nation too extremely, the authority of form meaning, the Eight Diagrams, Wu Dangjian. National Sport Commission is made " simplify shadowboxing " when plan, specially invite Zhu Gong attends. 1957, organization of Sport Commission of Shanghai of instruction of national Sport Commission is written " Yangshi shadowboxing " one book, a surname gentleman also attends on invitation write a group, it is 88 type via adapting, carry out up to now. Perform contest from wushu of the first the national games, till " Culture Revolution " of eve for many times national wushu match, zhu Shijun holds the post of congress judgment on invitation. After Shanghai wushu team holds water, zhushi often heads for guidance on invitation. Still revive in Shanghai after Zhu Shixian park and people park popularize palm of fist of meaning of promotion shadowboxing, form, the Eight Diagrams and Wu Dangjian, never discontinuous. His teaching method not stick to decides case, teach students in accordance of their aptitude. Come for years, in numerous student, choose the person that have education outlook strictly, close to enter room child.
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